Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Under the Weather

My poor Jordan is under the weather. She has an awful cough, but I could not get her in at the doctor's office until tomorrow. Today we are doing breathing treatments every four hours. I think you can tell by the photo below how she feels about it.

She has always had lung problems because she was on the ventilator and oxygen for so long as a baby. It caused scarring in her lungs, so every time she gets sick it just settles in her lungs. I am hoping it will not turn into pneumonia. She gets that at least once a year. Poor baby. Please say a prayer for her if you have a spare minute.

In other news, I am FINALLY done with Brandon's baby book. With a grand total of 46 layouts (OMG!), it is in actuality probably closer to a baby novel! It goes all the way through finding out I was pregnant, until he turned one year old. You can check out the entire album here... http://scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries&u=92738&a=169359&page=1 The latest pages are at the top, the oldest pages are at the beginning.

Here are a few of the layouts I have done lately. As always you can click on them to make them larger, and read the descriptions.

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Trimming the Tree

My wonderful husband came home with an artificial Christmas tree on Saturday morning. I hear you yelling that it is too early, but I usually have it up on the first weekend in November. We have so many decorations, it takes forever to get them all up, and after all of that work, I like to look at it for a WHILE. I had been really sick, but the thought of getting our tree up made me cheer up a bit. We used to have real trees growing up, but Jordan and Ronnie both have bad allergies, so that's not an option. We just embrace Febreeze's Pine Tree scented spray. LOL It is a close second.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our decorating session... The first one is of Alexis imitating the Nutcracker doll decorations. She's going to hate me for this one when she is older. LOL

Here is Jordan hanging "environments" (Her words.) on the Christmas tree.

Brandon was not interested in putting the ornaments on the tree, but he was really interested in getting them OFF of the tree, and kept calling them balls which made me extremely paranoid that he would throw one.

And last but not least... the finished tree. I was trying to get a cool low light photo like my friend Leah gets, but I do not think I did it! It is better than I usually get though, so I will take it.

If I do not post again before Thanksgiving, I would like to wish you all a warm, festive Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 23, 2008


1. I play with my hair when I am nervous, upset, or bored.

2. I sing very loudly in the shower, the car, and while unloading the dishwasher.

3. I do not bite my nails, but I chew my cuticles. It drives my husband nuts.

4. I am not a good backer upper. See post below. LOL

5. I like to speak French to my children to confuse them when they are aggravating me.

6. I am a geek. I love everything technology has to offer. I wish more things were automated. I'm still trying to convince Ronnie that I need the self cleaning vacuum cleaner.

7. I have very strange musical tastes. I listen to everything from classical and opera, to alternative and hip hop.

8. I hate to dust, so I'm not completely nuts about cleaning, but everything MUST be in it's own place. In the pantry things go in a certain line and place. The same thing goes for the cabinets.

9. I detest emptying the dryer filter and avoid it at all costs. I hate the way the fuzzy stuff that is in it feels. Ick!

P.S. This was another Jessica Sprague class prompt. I'm almost finished, and you'll be returned back to my regular boring blogginess.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I am not a good backer upper...

As I peeked through the prompts for the Jessica Sprague "Stories in Hand" class I'm taking, I came across one about automobiles. I wanted to tell the story about why I do not like to drive in reverse. I am NOT a good backer upper!

I learned how to drive like pretty much everyone else. You get in the car with your parents, and they are hoping you do not wreck and kill them, and you hope they will not yell at you and cause you to freak out, wreck, and kill them. Ah memories! I had such a hard time learning how to drive a stick shift that my Step Dad had his hands full even teaching me to go forward.

Vroom! "Ok now let off the clutch, and ease on the gas." Vroom! Clank! Erk. Silence...

I never did get the hang of that stupid stick shift! I did not get my drivers license until I was 18 years old. This did not stop me from getting into a wreck before then. (I am outing myself to my Grandma as I write this because she reads this blog and she does NOT know this.) One day my Step Dad let me practice driving in his Parish (County) vehicle. He was the coroner's assistant, (That will be a whole other story in the future probably.) and he had a Chevy Caprice that he was able to drive as a benefit for his job. One day he was teaching me to drive and insisted I pull out in a busy intersection near the Post Office in Belle Chasse, La. even though I was scared. I said, "No!" repeatedly, but he insisted. Finally he got impatient and yelled at me to pull out so I did, but I did not accelerate fast enough, and I got hit in the back of the car! He yelled at me, and made me switch seats with him so it would look like he was driving. No one was the wiser, but this terrified me from driving. I seriously waited 2 more years to drive on a public road again.

Getting my license at 18 consisted of driving around one rural town block in Port Sulphur, Louisiana. The driving inspector knew my grandparents, and passed me with flying colors. Yay! She did not even make me parallel park, or back up (Thank God!) After a few years of driving, I got the forward stuff down pat. It was the backing up part that got me. I just could not do it. Over the years I've backed into a tree, a fence at a doctor's office, a shopping basket, and yes, I'm ashamed to admit... my own fence. Once I even backed into a ditch. It was late at night, and I had to call a tow truck to pull my Chevy Blazer (Pimp Mobile) out. It was so far in the ditch that the headlights pointed UP! It took the tow truck driver a good five minutes to stop laughing long enough to pull the stupid thing out unharmed. Even though I'm a bad backer upper, I've had the good luck not to ever seriously damage anything or anyone.

I am pretty proud to announce that over the years I have finally gotten better. It only took 10 years for me to figure out how to drive in reverse. Now I can back up whole streets, and I do it just because I can. I am sure people think I'm crazy, but I have to practice! I wouldn't want my backer upper skills to get rusty!


Just an ordinary day...

This morning I was jarred awake by my husband's new alarm on his cell phone. I had to get up even earlier than usual because today Alexis had a psychiatrist appointment. I ran around the house bundling each child into their clothes, shoes, and coats. As usual, we were running late. It is difficult to get so many people changed and presentable all at once. I find myself worrying I forgot to change a diaper, or even brush someone's hair. At last, we rushed out the door, only to have to run back in and grab an icy cold cup of milk for the road.

It was so cold here this morning that the grass was iced over with bright white frost. It also made fascinating patterns on the windows of the van until the heater melted them. The kids were in awe of the ice. Since we live in southern Louisiana, it's not a common occurrence. As I pulled onto the interstate thinking about how I hate getting up early, and pondering some big decisions my husband and I had recently made, I happened to look up.

The sun was beginning to rise, and just a touch of pink was peeping over the pine trees in the distance. We were driving toward the sun, and were treated to a lovely sunrise. We rarely get up that early so it was a treat. I quit worrying about how early it was, and second guessing my decisions of the night before, and just appreciated being. Being alive. Just being. It is extremely rare that I do that because I am always busy. So what started out as a crabby morning, improved greatly on the drive there.

The kids behaved themselves in the psychiatrist's office, and he approved Alexis' medicine for another month. We hopped back in the van and rushed to get Alexis to school on time. I had to stop for gas, but it was not too expensive. It is a relief to pay under two dollars a gallon. We dropped Alexis at school, ran to the store for pretzels for her Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow, dropped off her prescription, and came home. Jordan, Brandon, and I are all sick. I never go to the doctor if I do not have to, and I just finished making an early morning appointment for tomorrow. I am forbidding everyone from being sick on Thanksgiving. I mean it!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Amazing Feats of Vocabulary Girl

When listening to Jordan these days, it's mighty hard to remember that the doctors told us she would probably never even say Momma due to her brain damage. That child has proved every single doctor wrong. She's a walking, talking miracle. One of the things I find most amazing about Jordan is her incredible vocabulary.

From the time she came home, we used sign language to communicate with her, just because I had heard that it was beneficial to her developing brain, and on the off chance that she really wouldn't be able to talk like the doctors believed. She took to sign language immediately and one of her first signs was "Thank You" at 6 months. She then began to add other words: please, no, stop, eat, drink, cup, help, ball, play, and yes. To our great delight she was babbling at this time as well, she started saying Dada and Mama. I remember crying when she said Mama for the first time. I can still remember the tone of her little nasal voice. I'll never forget that.

Once she started talking, she never stopped. Her vocabulary exploded! One of her favorite words was "baby", and for the longest time that's what she called herself. That was my fault because I would hold her up to the mirror and say, "Look at the baby in the mirror". So she thought her name was Baby... and for the longest time when I'd tell her that her name was Jordan she'd say NO! Baby! LOL

At 1 year old she said her first sentence. It was "Lady's by me." She was sitting in her high chair looking down at the dog begging for food. I was amazed how many new words she learned everyday. She would hold something up and look at me, waiting patiently for me to name the object. I have to admit I talked to her a lot. She was my first baby, and I would narrate her day for her. I had heard that would help her talk as well. I'd tell her, "First, we'll change your diaper, then we'll put your pants on..." All day long.

She started singing songs around age one as well. Her first song was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which sounded more like "Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Tar". She loved music, and would always stop whatever she was doing to listen if I put music on. She could recognize all of the letters in the alphabet as well.

Now that she is four years old, she still amazes me. She's learned most of the letter sounds using flash cards. She uses words like chic, and cacophony. She tells me she can not talk to me because she is engrossed in her video game. She uses enormous words, that sound so cute and precious coming out in her little voice. She completely amazes me. We are so blessed to have her in our lives. She's such a smart cookie!



P.S. This was another Jessica Sprague class assignment.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Cabbage Patch Doll

I do not remember ever thinking we were poor when I was a child. It wasn't until much later in life that I realized that living in a trailer was not the "normal" standard of life. I remember one Christmas I asked for a Cabbage Patch Doll. When they first came out in the eighties, they were very popular, and quite expensive even by today's standards. At almost thirty dollars, they were not in our price range, but I didn't know it. I asked Santa to bring me a Cabbage Patch doll.

My Mom told me the story about she prayed to find a way to get me that Cabbage Patch doll. It just so happened that Coca-Cola had partnered with the Cabbage Patch company to do a promotion, and my Mom opened a Coke with a cap that entitled her to a free Cabbage Patch doll. The only catch was that my Step-Dad had to go to New Orleans, which is about an hour away from Port Sulphur, to pick it up.

My Step-Father never did much for me, and I'm not sure if it was at my Mom's insistence, but he did go to New Orleans and waited for hours to get the doll. He told my Mom that there were at least a hundred people in line. He was one of the last people to get a doll. They ended up running out somewhere after him. They didn't even have enough for all of the people who won the contest.

I remember opening that doll, and I remember toting her around for years and years. I can not remember what happened to her. If I grew up, and she was given away, or if she got damaged, and was thrown away. I do remember the story behind how I came to get her. Another small instance of God answering prayers, whether they be as big as a mountain, or as small as a tiny blonde haired Cabbage Patch Doll.



P.S. I'm doing a Jessica Sprague class called Stories in Hand telling stories of my past for future scrapbooking material! =0)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun With Food

5 minutes for Mom is hosting a contest with Prego for a $500.00 gift certificate for groceries. All you have to do is upload a photo of "Fun With Food", so here goes!

You know the spaghetti is good if after you finish eating it off of your tray, you lick your arms clean too! LOL This is Jordan at a year old. She was always such a messy eater that we would take her shirt off and let her eat in her diaper. Crazy kid! Look at that hair! =0)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

Here's the photo I used on the Yearbook Yourself site...

This is the 1994 yearbook photo it stuck me with. I'm ashamed to admit that when I was 14 in 1994... I actually had this exact hair style. Spiral perm anyone? With a flannel shirt, and jeans. Dreaded.

This is the 1990 yearbook photo. Hmmm... Not too bad, but the turtleneck has to go!

1980... The year I was born. I'm all ready for prom in this one. Check out my snazzy earrings.

This one is from 1980 too. I had to post it because my Dad had this hairstyle at one time, and seeing it on me... Yep, we're related. (Yearbook Yourself has this as a female hairstyle, so Ummm Dad?) LOL

Groovy baby! 1966 was a great year... So I hear anyway. Funny, but I've seen some women with this hairstyle lately. They say that things come back into fashion. I just hope bell bottoms don't!

1960... I had to include this one because I have a photo of my grandmother in the same type of glasses. I actually kind of like this one. Scary! LOL

So what are you waiting for? You've seen my yearbook photos, now go make some of your own at yearbookyourself.com (It's free, and hilarious.) When you get them done, come back and link me to them so I can laugh at you as hard as you laughed at me. LOL


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's up? =0)

I know I haven't been around much. I'm beginning to feel like a bad blogger. LOL I've been working on Brandon's baby album still. He's up to over 30 pages, and I'm only up to his 8th month. He's spoiled rotten. I've also slowly been working on my Christmas cards. Only people who I know will appreciate hand made ones are getting hand made this Christmas. Everyone else is getting an out of the box one. LOL I have to save time somewhere.

A few of my latest layouts... as always you can click on the photo to make it bigger.

I have a class coming up on Saturday at 11 AM on Advanced Cricut Design Studio techniques. I already taught the basics, and now I'm teaching more design related things. How to create borders, how to make lace cardstock similar to KI memories stuff, how to cut the Disney characters out all on one mat to save time... lots and lots of fun stuff. If you are interested... you can sign up by going to Scrappersaurus.com and calling the store to sign up. =0)

The kids have been doing well. Alexis is finally starting to pick up reading with the help of her tutor, and some intensive help here too. Jordan is her usual sassy self, and didn't want to go to school this morning. She was too tired. Brandon (AKA Captain Chaos) spends his days climbing on furniture. Last night while Alexis was trying to do her homework he was break dancing on the kitchen table. Scooting around in circles on his behind and belly. He's a mess.

I've been gathering recipes to cook for Thanksgiving. We are going down to my grandmother's house on Thanksgiving day, but the Saturday after that I'm cooking for Ronnie's family. This is only the 3rd time I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner. The first time I left one of the bags in the turkey the entire time it cooked. LOL I thought there was only one bag. We found it when my mother in law started carving the turkey. I was mortified. Now it's pretty funny. The second time was after Katrina and my side of the family had been displaced by the hurricane. I cooked at my house and did rather well. I had everything prepared, with appetizers and everything. Everyone was squeezed into my tiny house. The turkey looked beautiful when I pulled it out, but when my grandfather tried to cut it... It was pink! I'd cooked it for hours and it still wasn't done. I followed the directions on the Butterball website and everything. I am a disaster waiting to happen as far as turkey goes. Hehe I'm wondering what I'll do this year. *Note to self* One thing's for sure... there are TWO bags in the turkey.


Monday, November 10, 2008

This is what happens when I'm bored.

IQ Test
Free-IQTest.net - IQ Test

See I'm not a complete idiot! Even though some days I feel that way. Mom brain sucks! Sometimes I feel like the only thing I'm good for is remembering diaper sizes, and home remedies. Ugh. That's why I read so much I guess. Either that... or I really am a nerd. Shhh... don't tell anyone.

Am-I-Dumb.com - Intelligence Tests

Ok. I admit it. I'm a nerd. Oh well. I'm going to read another book.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Heights Garden Party 2008

I almost forgot to post about Jordan's AWESOME achievement Sunday! Jordan rides a horse for hippotherapy. I know I've mentioned it before... Well she was asked to ride in New Heights big fundraiser party on Sunday, and she was presented with a trophy for all of her hard work. Here's a photo of her raising her trophy over her head after one of the big sponsors of the organization handed it to her...

We are so unbelieveably proud of our little girl. She's come such a long way in such a short time. I was worried that she'd be nervous riding in front of so many people, but she did a wonderful job.

If you are interested in finding out more about the New Heights riding program based in Folsom, La. you can visit their website at... http://www.newheightstherapy.org/

Heather Landry
Miracle's Momma Designs

Halloween 2008

Where have I been you ask? Well I've been really busy teaching, and scrapping of course. I've been sick as well which makes everything that much harder. It really sucks to have to stop your class for a minute or two to have a coughing fit. =0P But I got through it. I've been teaching Cricut Basics Classes incorporating how to use the Cricut, the Expression, and the basics of Design Studio. I've got an advanced Design Studio class coming up on the 15th where I'll be teaching how to make Lace Cardstock, and much much more. Lots of fun!

I've also been doing a lot of personal scrapping trying to finish up Brandon's Baby Album before he turns 2. I'd like to have it out for people to look at during the party. A friend of mine (Minday!) finishes her son's yearly album every year and leaves it out at his birthday party. I'm not that good. I can't scrap that fast, but I'd really like to finish the baby one before he turns 2. Here are a few of the layouts I've done lately.

As always you can click on the photo for a larger photo to come up with a description.

Halloween was last weekend, and as you know it was my kid's first Halloween Trick or Treating... They had a lot of fun getting dressed up as Cinderella, Jojo from Jojo's Circus, and The Cutest Little NASCAR fan ever! LOL We trick or treated at about 6 houses before Brandon got totally freaked out and threw a temper tantrum wanting to go home. It's OK though, next year will probably be even better, and I ended up with a few photos to scrap which totally rocks. I'm doing a mini album shaped like a pumpkin to scrap them in. Here are a few photos...

Now I'm off to finish that Halloween album! I hope everyone had a great Digital Scrapbooking Day and Halloween. Have a lovely day! Thanks for stopping by...

Heather Landry
Miracle's Momma Designs