Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just an ordinary day...

This morning I was jarred awake by my husband's new alarm on his cell phone. I had to get up even earlier than usual because today Alexis had a psychiatrist appointment. I ran around the house bundling each child into their clothes, shoes, and coats. As usual, we were running late. It is difficult to get so many people changed and presentable all at once. I find myself worrying I forgot to change a diaper, or even brush someone's hair. At last, we rushed out the door, only to have to run back in and grab an icy cold cup of milk for the road.

It was so cold here this morning that the grass was iced over with bright white frost. It also made fascinating patterns on the windows of the van until the heater melted them. The kids were in awe of the ice. Since we live in southern Louisiana, it's not a common occurrence. As I pulled onto the interstate thinking about how I hate getting up early, and pondering some big decisions my husband and I had recently made, I happened to look up.

The sun was beginning to rise, and just a touch of pink was peeping over the pine trees in the distance. We were driving toward the sun, and were treated to a lovely sunrise. We rarely get up that early so it was a treat. I quit worrying about how early it was, and second guessing my decisions of the night before, and just appreciated being. Being alive. Just being. It is extremely rare that I do that because I am always busy. So what started out as a crabby morning, improved greatly on the drive there.

The kids behaved themselves in the psychiatrist's office, and he approved Alexis' medicine for another month. We hopped back in the van and rushed to get Alexis to school on time. I had to stop for gas, but it was not too expensive. It is a relief to pay under two dollars a gallon. We dropped Alexis at school, ran to the store for pretzels for her Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow, dropped off her prescription, and came home. Jordan, Brandon, and I are all sick. I never go to the doctor if I do not have to, and I just finished making an early morning appointment for tomorrow. I am forbidding everyone from being sick on Thanksgiving. I mean it!


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Jessica's mom said...

Good Luck on everyone being healty for Thanksgiving. We had to turn the heat on here two or three days ago so it blowing out the dust made my allergies run like a crazy sneezing person.

Glad to hear you got to enjoy the pretty sunset. That's completely along the lines of stopping to smell the roses. :)