Sunday, November 23, 2008


1. I play with my hair when I am nervous, upset, or bored.

2. I sing very loudly in the shower, the car, and while unloading the dishwasher.

3. I do not bite my nails, but I chew my cuticles. It drives my husband nuts.

4. I am not a good backer upper. See post below. LOL

5. I like to speak French to my children to confuse them when they are aggravating me.

6. I am a geek. I love everything technology has to offer. I wish more things were automated. I'm still trying to convince Ronnie that I need the self cleaning vacuum cleaner.

7. I have very strange musical tastes. I listen to everything from classical and opera, to alternative and hip hop.

8. I hate to dust, so I'm not completely nuts about cleaning, but everything MUST be in it's own place. In the pantry things go in a certain line and place. The same thing goes for the cabinets.

9. I detest emptying the dryer filter and avoid it at all costs. I hate the way the fuzzy stuff that is in it feels. Ick!

P.S. This was another Jessica Sprague class prompt. I'm almost finished, and you'll be returned back to my regular boring blogginess.



Leah. said...

I love techy stuff. The Mac book makes me crazy. I want it so bad I can taste it.

I hate dryer lint.

I pull at my ear when I am nervous (imagine how stupid that looks =)

I don't sing, but I do dance like I'm in a nightclub. LOL
Also the strange musical tastes. I off ambient and into jazz ( I know, who knew?)

I'm totally going to try the french. (How about swear words in Italian?)

Love your quirkyness!!!! Your the best, and now when I get to that prompt I can just copy my answers from here =D

Jessica's mom said...

Oh dear, the Roomba is junk don't buy it. You have to work more at getting things out of the way and dealing with the stupid batteries than it would have taken you if you'd just gone ahead and cleaned. Trust me I've had two. Bleach, give me my Dyson anyday.

Cute about the french thing. In one of my favorite books the parents communicate that way when they didn't want the children to know what they were talking about, and of course by the time the kids were grown they'd learned all the different ones their parents used and then some!