Monday, November 24, 2008

Trimming the Tree

My wonderful husband came home with an artificial Christmas tree on Saturday morning. I hear you yelling that it is too early, but I usually have it up on the first weekend in November. We have so many decorations, it takes forever to get them all up, and after all of that work, I like to look at it for a WHILE. I had been really sick, but the thought of getting our tree up made me cheer up a bit. We used to have real trees growing up, but Jordan and Ronnie both have bad allergies, so that's not an option. We just embrace Febreeze's Pine Tree scented spray. LOL It is a close second.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our decorating session... The first one is of Alexis imitating the Nutcracker doll decorations. She's going to hate me for this one when she is older. LOL

Here is Jordan hanging "environments" (Her words.) on the Christmas tree.

Brandon was not interested in putting the ornaments on the tree, but he was really interested in getting them OFF of the tree, and kept calling them balls which made me extremely paranoid that he would throw one.

And last but not least... the finished tree. I was trying to get a cool low light photo like my friend Leah gets, but I do not think I did it! It is better than I usually get though, so I will take it.

If I do not post again before Thanksgiving, I would like to wish you all a warm, festive Thanksgiving!



Leah. said...

Girl that is a low light photo and it is very pretty!!!!! Your tree is gorgeous! I find low light photos very hard! Mostly they just end up blurry and I want to chuck my camera out the window. LOL.

I have my tree up and lit, with no decorations. I am ashamed that you being as sick as you have been managed to get yours up! You rock.

I laughed my butt off when I saw Brandon taking the decorations off. All you really need to do is insert Joseph in there too, except Joseph would throw them.

Jessica's mom said...

Oh Goodie! I'm so glad to hear you got a tree! Everytime I see an ad I've looked in it for Christmas trees for you!

It looks so pretty decorated, the kids are great. Here I was thinking Rob and I would do it when dd was in bed! I'm such a party pooper.