Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's up? =0)

I know I haven't been around much. I'm beginning to feel like a bad blogger. LOL I've been working on Brandon's baby album still. He's up to over 30 pages, and I'm only up to his 8th month. He's spoiled rotten. I've also slowly been working on my Christmas cards. Only people who I know will appreciate hand made ones are getting hand made this Christmas. Everyone else is getting an out of the box one. LOL I have to save time somewhere.

A few of my latest layouts... as always you can click on the photo to make it bigger.

I have a class coming up on Saturday at 11 AM on Advanced Cricut Design Studio techniques. I already taught the basics, and now I'm teaching more design related things. How to create borders, how to make lace cardstock similar to KI memories stuff, how to cut the Disney characters out all on one mat to save time... lots and lots of fun stuff. If you are interested... you can sign up by going to Scrappersaurus.com and calling the store to sign up. =0)

The kids have been doing well. Alexis is finally starting to pick up reading with the help of her tutor, and some intensive help here too. Jordan is her usual sassy self, and didn't want to go to school this morning. She was too tired. Brandon (AKA Captain Chaos) spends his days climbing on furniture. Last night while Alexis was trying to do her homework he was break dancing on the kitchen table. Scooting around in circles on his behind and belly. He's a mess.

I've been gathering recipes to cook for Thanksgiving. We are going down to my grandmother's house on Thanksgiving day, but the Saturday after that I'm cooking for Ronnie's family. This is only the 3rd time I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner. The first time I left one of the bags in the turkey the entire time it cooked. LOL I thought there was only one bag. We found it when my mother in law started carving the turkey. I was mortified. Now it's pretty funny. The second time was after Katrina and my side of the family had been displaced by the hurricane. I cooked at my house and did rather well. I had everything prepared, with appetizers and everything. Everyone was squeezed into my tiny house. The turkey looked beautiful when I pulled it out, but when my grandfather tried to cut it... It was pink! I'd cooked it for hours and it still wasn't done. I followed the directions on the Butterball website and everything. I am a disaster waiting to happen as far as turkey goes. Hehe I'm wondering what I'll do this year. *Note to self* One thing's for sure... there are TWO bags in the turkey.



TheresaK said...

THANKS ALOT!!!!!!! I had to take the IQ test now ..hahahaha
love the layouts!!

Leah. said...

Totally forgot to take the IQ test. I might be a little scared. LOL. THe video is cute. I love your southern accent! Your hubby just comes in and quietly pulls him down. Joseph is all over everything. THe kids do their homework in their room so Joseph doesn't bother them!

Jessica's mom said...

We forgot the bag last year, we got the neck, but DH swore up and down there weren't any giblets. Yeah right uh hu, I peaked in, but wasn't quite over my raw bird dislike then, so when I didn't see anything okay here we go. I didn't find the bag until I was packing up leftovers... Can we say Trash!?!?!?!

Kudos to Alexis on reading! It's such a great step.