Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

Here's the photo I used on the Yearbook Yourself site...

This is the 1994 yearbook photo it stuck me with. I'm ashamed to admit that when I was 14 in 1994... I actually had this exact hair style. Spiral perm anyone? With a flannel shirt, and jeans. Dreaded.

This is the 1990 yearbook photo. Hmmm... Not too bad, but the turtleneck has to go!

1980... The year I was born. I'm all ready for prom in this one. Check out my snazzy earrings.

This one is from 1980 too. I had to post it because my Dad had this hairstyle at one time, and seeing it on me... Yep, we're related. (Yearbook Yourself has this as a female hairstyle, so Ummm Dad?) LOL

Groovy baby! 1966 was a great year... So I hear anyway. Funny, but I've seen some women with this hairstyle lately. They say that things come back into fashion. I just hope bell bottoms don't!

1960... I had to include this one because I have a photo of my grandmother in the same type of glasses. I actually kind of like this one. Scary! LOL

So what are you waiting for? You've seen my yearbook photos, now go make some of your own at (It's free, and hilarious.) When you get them done, come back and link me to them so I can laugh at you as hard as you laughed at me. LOL



Jessica's mom said...

Oh My! The one with you in the glasses is just funny! :) It's amazing how great you look in some of them. :)

Leah. said...

I'm not doing it!!!! That would haunt my dreams!

TheresaK said...

hahaha...i so have to do this!!!!! rofl!~

MindyRadio said...

I so thougth you were really posting some yearbook pics at first. I had all these GREAT comments to make....but no. you were just teasing me.

Amanda Sevall said...

Ok, so I had to click on this cause it "suggested" it at the bottom of your post from today. HILARIOUS!! I simply must do this!!! LOL