Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12 Days Of Christmas

EsteeLynn over at scrapbook.com has a hilarious column that she writes once a week. This week her theme was the 12 Days of Christmas. http://www.scrapbook.com/blogs/41587/view/133421.html I wrote this in the comment field to comment, and decided I would like to share it here as well. Forget the partridges in a pear tree, and ten Lords a Leaping... This is what I would really like for the 12 Days of Christmas.

One day where everyone got along, and I never had to yell "Quit hitting your sister" or "No you can NOT sit on your brother".

Two girls whose hair does not knot up at the slightest view of a brush. I do not understand why hair that looks relatively smooth has knots the size of Mount Everest underneath. My combing their hair every morning is punctuated by cries of "You're killing me Mommy"! I just hope the neighbors do not misunderstand. LOL

Three whole minutes to sit down at my scrapbook table, and pick out the next set of photos I would like to scrap without Jordan asking me where the baby doll bottle for Chou Chou baby is, or Alexis telling me what everyone at school did wrong, or having to pull my son off of whatever piece of furniture he has decided to climb in the 2.2 seconds I had my back turned.

Four hours with my grandparents who I miss dearly. Since we missed Thanksgiving I have not seen them since early this Summer. Ever since I started teaching on Saturdays, it has been really hard to get down there.

Five minutes of reading a book without having to change a diaper, or having someone come up to me and "Hep" me by flipping the pages of my book 10 at a time.

Six brand new packs of Basic Grey that I have had on my wish list forever. Oh and throw in some time to use them to please. My paper bin is overflowing, and Ronnie is threatening not to buy me any more paper until I use what I have. It is just all so pretty! LOL

Seven new songs from Itunes, so that I have something to sing along to while I cook, clean, and create! Random songs that make Ronnie shake his head when I sing them out loud would be good. Ice Ice Baby from Vanilla Ice sounds like a winner. =0P

Eight clean pairs of socks so that I can declare victory over the sock monster who lives in my dryer. Seriously where do those socks go anyway?!

Nine gigantic hugs, Three from each of my children. A "wub you Mama" thrown in would be really nice too.

Ten dollars so I can go get my eyebrows waxed. I look like a Wookie again. Seriously Chewbacca would be ashamed to be seen with me.

Eleven phone calls from my husband when he is at work, just to say he loved me and is bored. I act like this drives me nuts, but Shhh! I really like to hear from him.

Twelve more months next year to do it all again. I really love my life! Even though there are some hard times, the good times more than make up for it.


Now I am going to leave you with a photo from our family movie night on Saturday. If you have not seen the Disney movie Wall-E with your kids. You should! Movie night here consists of spreading out a quilt, pulling out every pillow we own, and trying to watch a movie while Brandon kamikaze dives over us and steps on us. Perfection!

Thanks for stopping by!


Agnes said...


I loved this post -- too funny!

And the photo, my goodness, those kids are so adorable!

Leah. said...

Priceless!!! ROFL!!!
10 bucks for your eyebrows hey? LOL
Girl, you are a good writer. You should be doing it for a living!
I love this!

Elizabeth A. said...

I love Family movie night. I have no idea what the kids were complaining about growing up. TV good, popcorn good, cuddling up with your family? Amazing! :)

Good job on your 12 days list, now good luck getting any of those things.