Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Captain Chaos Strikes Again!

Do not let this angelic face fool you! This child is chaos personified! What is that you say? You need proof? Well. This morning I noticed that the Christmas tree looked suspiciously bare on one side. Brandon had been doing really well with the ornaments. He had not been pulling them off of the tree or anything. I started searching and then I found THIS!

He took the ornaments off the tree and broke them, then had the sense to hide them from me behind his present. I do not know whether to laugh, cry, or be mad. I am so grateful he did not hurt himself. Those ornament shards are sharp! That is what I get for having the nerve to try to take a five minute shower. Now you see why we call him CAPTAIN CHAOS!!!! (He is lucky he is cute!)

Merry Christmas!


TheresaK said...

how could you be mad??? Look at that sweet face! hehe!

Leah. said...

LOL!! Yep, seems like something Joseph would do. Buy plastic. They look just as nice and aren't as sharp, at least until they get out of the "chaotic" age! LOL

Merry Christmas!!!


Rleen said...

Heather, wishing you and your beautiful family a Merry Christmas.
I love that cutest baby santa in there. He's so adorable and so cute!!!!


Agnes said...

Merry Christmas Heather :-)

(I gotta catch up on some reading I see, missed several of your posts...)


Elizabeth A. said...

Oh man! DH and I have been fighting the "no touching!" since the tree went up. My daughter was hiding all of the ornaments that she took down and couldn't get to go back up under the tree skirt.

She even snapped the heads off Goofy and Donald on the $30 one I picked up for her last year! Thank goodness she has her father to fix these things!

We left our hand blown hand painted ones off the tree this year (DH had started to put them on and for some crazy reason I had a fit and made him take them down), and trust me now I'm glad. Knock on wood because the tree isn't down yet, but this could be the first year ever that we didn't lose any glass ones.