Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Rocks!

We ran around like crazy before Christmas. Ronnie even went to Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve because we needed one last Hannah Montana Barbie that Jordan asked for at the last possible minute. I drove down to my grandparent's house on Christmas Eve by myself for the first time. It is a two hour drive and the fog was terrible even at ten o'clock in the morning. Here is one of the clearer shots as I was driving down...

It is hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it is almost eighty degrees out. I wore shorts! My grandparents were taking their daily nap when we got there so I ended up taking the kids outside so they would not wake them up. We had a really good time looking at the chickens. The kids were thrilled. Of course Brandon ended up falling in the mud, and getting dirty, but I took it all in stride. After all he was wearing camouflage pants and it just blended right in. Note the NASCAR shirt as well. He was dressed for success for sure.

Paw Paw made his usual pot of gumbo that tasted fabulous! It is not a Cajun Christmas Eve without gumbo. We usually have the more traditional ham on Christmas Day.

My grandpa who is funny as all get out, bought my grandma fainting goats for Christmas. I guess he figured that they already had chickens, so they might as well go for the whole petting zoo! They were cute, and yes... they do faint. (Leah, Brandon was BAREFOOT!)

After we ate the gumbo, it was time for the nativity play. My cousin Katie was the narrator, and the kids acted out the Christmas play. Baby Jesus would only sit in his "manger" with his Mater cup, and he refused to wear a halo.

After the play we opened presents! I got lots of scrapbook stuff and a recipe box my grandma made that was adorable. I also got a gift card to Wal-mart and bought my ipod speakers which makes me OH so happy!!! I love my music. I also used it to buy Ronnie's birthday present, a Step-Brothers DVD. He'll love it. Oh and the book Twilight. Yum! All good stuff!!!

We drove home through pea soup thick fog. It took forever to get home, and was extremely scary and disorienting. I was so grateful to be home. Then we did the Santa thing and collapsed into bed. The little kids woke up at six thirty. Then we went and yelled at Alexis that Santa came. She jumped in the air all confused and happy. It was too cute. We opened presents including some super cool bouncy balls from their "Aunt" Lisa. Here is Jordan bouncing on hers. (Look at my super cute snowman pajamas!)

Their BIG present was a sand and water table which they totally loved. I now have sand all over my carport, but they are happy so I will just deal! I got Old Navy clothes from hubby which is what I wanted so... Yay Hubby!

We had Christmas with Ronnie's family last night which was really nice. The kids got an all terrain wagon, a big wheel, Cars stuff, a Wall-E DVD, Hannah Montana Microphones, High School Musical DVD, Hotwheels, a Yo Gabba Gabba guitar and toy, and a Hannah Montana sticker maker. They are rotten! Ronnie and I each got money and I used mine to buy a Cuttlebug and Cuttlebug embossing folders! I can not wait for it to come in. (We are rotten too!) We also celebrated Ronnie's birthday with them yesterday because they will not be up here on Monday for his actual birthday. He is turning thirty and I am not going to let him live it down.

I had a class this morning. I have got so very many classes coming up at Scrappersaurus, including digital scrapbooking classes which totally rocks. I have also been asked to teach photo restoration and repair so I am getting a class together to do that. It is so gratifying to be able to teach people about expressing themselves through scrapbooking. We are also planning a Katrina or hurricane themed class soon. I keep hearing that people want to scrapbook their losses from the hurricanes, so Dee and I are getting together a topic list for a monthly class.

Thanks for stopping by my long winded blog post,
Happy New Year!


Leah. said...

Okay gosh, I'm not even sure where to start. You had an action packed Xmas!!!

When is Ronnie's birthday? Terry's is today and he is turning 30 too. I'm not razzing Terry though. I remember what it was like to turn 30. Just you wait....

BAREFOOT. Good god.
Fainting goats! Never heard of it.

The gumbo looks sooo good. We had turkey or as I like to call our meals carbattack!

Love the jammies. I wish I would have asked for some now. They look oh so comfy.

I like the looks of that sand table better too.

Baby Jesus and his Mater cup. That is just awesome!

I should also blog about what the kids got. It should be interesting in a few years to look back on. LOL

Okay, sorry super long comment for a super long blog post. Loving all your blogging these days!

Angi said...

Sounds like y'all had a good xmas. I haven't even begun to organize my thoughts or some 300 photos of xmas here - but I'll get to it sooner or later...well hopefully before the 4th cause then I'll have to do bday stuff too. blah.

Vera said...

Wow, you play the Nativity scene with the kids? That is awesome, and what a wonderful idea! Maybe we can have our own Christmas pageant here next year. We all used to participate at the yearly one at church when we were kids. Thanks for the idea! And enjoy the rest of this festive season :)