Friday, December 12, 2008

Frosty the Snowman

We had unexpected visitors last night. We were sitting at the table eating dinner when the doorbell rang. It was my sister-in-law, her husband, and her two tiny poodles. Their power had gone out in the snow storm, and it was 50 degrees inside their house! So they came over to our house to get a warm bed, and a bath. The kids were really excited to see them. They left early this morning because they had to go to work. I haven't heard back whether they have power or not. I am hoping they do because it is just too cold without it!

Brandon and I went out to play in the snow this morning one more time. It is melting rapidly! We still had three inches on the ground at eight o'clock, so I built a bigger snowman than we made yesterday. I worked on it while Brandon walked around the yard in the snow. He was fascinated with the noise his shoes made crunching down in the snow, so he was not paying much attention to me. When I finished making the snowman, I called him over. This is his reaction to the snowman...

I have another video to share from this morning... Brandon loved the way his footsteps crunched in the snow. He would just walk around with his tongue hanging out trying to keep his balance. It was priceless.

More posts to come in a bit... I have questions to post, and my Reading List from this year!



Agnes said...

I hope they'll have power soon. That's the nice thing about family, you can always show up unannounced and know that it is OK. I like that.

Boy that video is so sweet! And what a lovely snowman :-)

Leah. said...

LOL!!!!!! Brandon cracks me up!! It's like he's never seen snow before... oh wait, he hasn't!!!! It's so neat to watch his reactions to it. The photo of him analyzing your snowman is hilarious (BTW, awesome snowman building)

Book list! Yeah. It's catching on everywhere! LOL

Nnairda's said...

Wow!! You got your winter wonderland.

Cheryl Wray said...

I just LOVE that picture of him and the snowman. TOO cute!!!!! (And I'm officially jealous of your snow!)

Elizabeth A. said...

Power outages yuck. Once when that happened (it was below zero mind you) mom packed up all the kids and we headed off to the mall. We caught a movie and had a great time shopping. It was wonderful. Of course it was crazy scary seeing all the trees down, with electric wires everywhere.