Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Moments Like This

Happiness is: A mountainous cup of fresh coffee, a novel to read, and pencil and paper to write ideas down as they strike me. It is made all the better by being piled together on a tray that was covered in my favorite piece of Basic Grey paper ever. (The kit was a gift from my grandmother. Thanks Maw Maw! I love it.) I had a minute to sit and relax while watching the kids play outside, so I piled up my goodies on my tray and took them outside with me. A little piece of heaven in an insane world.

Speaking of insane, Captain Chaos has once again stretched the limits of predictability. Here he is standing up in his car on a slope. Not only did he stand up, he stretched up to reach the stars. I caught this one right before he reached up. I love this photo so much it is beyond words. It truly captures the essence of my son. Yes, I know he was outside in his pajamas, but we have been having many pajama days here now that the kids are out on winter break. I love pajama days where we do not have to get dressed and can just lounge around watching movies together. Since the yard is fenced in I can let them go out to play in their pajamas without the neighbors thinking I have completely lost it.

Winter break is going as well as can be expected. Alexis has been having some issues with her medication, and that makes everything a bit harder to deal with. I am not counting the days until they go back to school though. I am just trying to go with the flow and let all of the stress, fighting, and complaining not bother me. I am not always successful, but I am trying! Yesterday evening after they played outside for a while I had them come in and watch the movie we rented. I have found that the key to keeping them content, is to keep them busy. It is easier said than done certainly. They sat all together in front of the television, and watched the movie peacefully, for a total of five minutes. While they were still I ran to get the camera, and caught this photo. *Sigh* When they get along, life can surely be beautiful.

Thank you all for stopping by my blog all year long. It is so gratifying to know that people actually read what I write! =0) I hope you all have a fabulous time tonight ringing in the New Year. I am wishing you all the happiness your heart can hold for the next year. I have got some surprises coming up on my blog for the coming year. I hope you stick around to check them out!



Elizabeth A. said...

That is a great BW of Brandon. But tell me how can you stand to have them so close to the tv? It makes DH and I climb the walls when dd does that. I know if you let them be you don't have to nag and you get the photo. ;)

Leah. said...

Happy New Year!!!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of Brandon.

I am seething in jealousy that you are able to take the kids outside in their jammies.
I currently have to take them outside in parkas and mitts and hats and a whole lot of crap!

I would love to sit outside and read a book!

Michelle said...

Ok so I know this is months late (hee!hee!) but I just wanted to say, I too, love that photo of Brandon. It has been fun catching up on your blog, hearing what you, Ronnie and the kids have been up to. I just might have to try out that gumbo recipe too! No seafood!!! Greg will like hearing that one. I can even buy andouille (sp?) sausage up here.