Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Questions...

Two stories I wanted to tell led to my question choices today. The first question is: What do you do to soothe yourself or your children when you or they wake up from a nightmare?

We have a comfort routine we go through when Jordan has a scary dream. I hug her tightly and tell her everything will be okay. Then I ask for details about the dream so I can make it right. I ask what was scaring her and then I tell her that I am going to ship the creature far, far away so that it can never get to her again. Once she asked if Alaska was far enough away, and I agreed. So we ship the scary monsters to Alaska. We pretend that I put them in the mailbox, and the mail man comes and takes them away to Alaska. Over the years we have shipped a blue crab who pinched her toes, a purple dinosaur who roared at her really loudly, a small brown mouse that squeaked scarily, and the most recent was a multicolored dragon who held her too tight. I just hope those kids in Alaska have Moms who ship the scary creatures away too… as long as they do not ship them back to Louisiana we will be okay.

The second question is: What is the sweetest thing that has happened to you lately?

The other morning while I was getting Jordan dressed; we were rolling around wrestling and playing. I always pretend to eat her tummy, and blow bubbles on it. Even at four years old, she still has not tired of that game. While I was blowing on her tummy, she gently put her hand on the top of my head instead of laughing like she normally does. I was concerned, so I looked up at her. She looked at me and smiled beautifully. Then she said, “You know what Mommy?” “You belong to me.” She said it so seriously, in the cutest little voice, like it was vital that I understand her. I looked at her in surprise, then I ended up tearing up. I told her, “You belong to me too!” She simply said, “I know, Mommy.” Just thinking of it again makes me sigh. It was the sweetest thing ever. I love that girl.



Agnes said...

Oh my, that is the sweetest thing. I don't even know what else to say. So very special.

Angela said...

Don't you just love those special moments that will live in your heart always. Children are so amazing, all they want is to be loved. I fell so blessed to have two miracles myself. Lovely story.

Leah. said...

What cute little stories!!!
Are these prompts from SB.com or Jessica?

I got all my Jessica Sprague stuff in the mail from my friend. I am so excited to start doing some of the journaling if I could find the time. LOL

Keep going with the stories chicky. I love to hear them!

SugarKitties said...

Tell your daughter that I SAID, because I live in Alaska and I KNOW,that out in the deep frozen tundra there is a blue ice crevice that is so so deep that nothing could ever climb out of it, and the mailman takes the scarey monster packages there and drops them in.
There lives the Snow Queen who opens the packages and turns all of the monsters into friendly polar bears and seal and baby otters.
Tami in Alaska

Elizabeth A. said...

Heather that is the coolest thing! :) There's that creative part of you, or is it all of you, I can't seem to recall, jk.

Tami that is the coolest thing. :)