Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Wishlist

I was inspired by Leah to blog my Christmas wish list. I think you can find out so much about somebody from what they want for Christmas. LOL

There is nothing like new cozy pajamas for Christmas. Old Navy PJ's are my favorite. I love this pink set.

Then there's this adorable hoodie. I love the color. I could seriously go broke shopping at Old Navy.

Of course you know there will be some scrapbook supplies on the list somewhere. In this case it's the super cool Stickles set by Tim Holtz that coordinates with the inks!

And one can never have enough scrapbook paper, especially when it's as cute as this is!

Last but not least, to fulfill my Twilight obsession...

Thanks for stopping by,


Jessica's mom said...

We've had the volume turned up for dd's preschool game, and I tell you what the family is starting to know when I visit your blog!

I hope you get everything you're wishing for and then some.

Agnes said...

Hi :-) This is my first time here. What a lively blog you have here.

Well, I hope Santa is reading your blog....

Leah. said...

I have to drive ALL the way to the city to go to Old Navy :(
My Dad emailed and said he was there. I wonder why he didn't bring me? LOL
I LOVE that jammie set!
I realized I should have added scrap supplies to my list after I posted.
I hope you get everything on your list? Does Ronnie read this?

Cheryl Wray said...

I love this post, and had already decided to do something similar sometime soon (to give Santa, and Gary!!, some ideas! lol)

I love those pajamas. So cute!!!

Rleen said...

Heather this is a great idea. I'm planning to do this in my blog too but I'm wishing too much LOL... Don't think Santa will grant all my wishes :)

I love the PJ's from Old Navy and the Stickles too!

Hope you'll get everything you wishing for.

Thank you for sharing!