Monday, December 29, 2008

Photo Challenge Blog Holiday Photo

On the advice of my friend Leah, I decided to join the photo challenge blog. The challenge was to post your favorite holiday photo from this holiday season. I can safely say this one is it!

I know it is not a traditional holiday photo by any means. It is my children peering into the chicken pen at my grandmother's house. We only drive down to her house during the holidays because the drive is so very long. The reason why I love it so much is because I have all of my children in one shot, which is nearly impossible. I also love all of the textures of the plants, and the chain link fence.



Wendy said...

Welcome to the Photo Challenge...We haven't started back for the New Year but will soon!! Love the photo and understand about getting children all together in one shot! Great job!

Connie said...

Nice picture. I love to watch chickens too.

Leah. said...

Great choice!!!!
SO excited that you are joining!!

Elizabeth A. said...

Kudos on getting a photo of all the children together. It's completely like looking through your eyes, and isn't that what a photo is all about?

Bohanon Family said...

What a unique photo! I know my daughter wouldn't see chickens in a pen everyday! You must be so excited to have them all in one picture!