Monday, December 29, 2008

Questions Session 5 and New Years Resolutions

The questions today are of my own making, and are based on something near and dear to my heart. Christmas is a time of excess in some ways. Many of us are lucky to be able to buy our children what they want for Christmas, but there are many people out there who can not. Especially in the economy we are dealing with these days. It is a tradition of ours in our home to go through all of our clothes and toys at the end of the year to donate to charity. I usually donate to Vietnam Veterans of America because they make money for our troops who returned from serving their country who are not receiving the care I believe they are worthy of. They are one of my favorite charities. Here is the huge pile of stuff we are donating this year! I can not believe how many clothes and toys my family has grown out of, and as an added benefit we can now all fit into our small house much easier.

This leads to your first question: What is your favorite charity and why? I have already shared mine. I also support New Heights as well, as much as I possibly can because of how much they have done for my daughter.

The second question is expected this time of year: What are your New Year's resolutions? Here are mine.

1.) I want to save my blog as a file that I can later get printed and save. Since I have so very many posts, this will take quite some time!

2.) I want to get all of my recipes typed up and printed out so I can add them into the super cute recipe box my grandma made me for Christmas. I want my children to have my recipes when they are older.

3.) I want to read one hundred books in the year 2009. I hope I can do it!

4.) Last but not least I want to read all of the magazines I have piled up in my end table. There has to be at least a hundred. LOL I subscribe to more than I can keep up with I think. You do not believe that I have that many? Here's a photo. (Ignore the dust please!)

Today is Ronnie's birthday, and he is turning thirty. I would tease him mercilessly, but I know when I turn 30 I would get the same treatment so I am trying to refrain. We bought him a Transformers cake because Brandon liked that one in the book. So I had better quit typing and go make his birthday card before it is too late. I am sure I will have photos of the madness to post tomorrow.


P.S. Happy New Year!!!!!


Angi said...

I hear ya! After Christmas and her impending bday - I told her she needed to pick at least 20 toys to donate and I've been stockpiling clothes half the year and I still need to go through everything she owns and weed out the too small stuff.
Thing is tho, the Vets won't pick up here till the 6th and I need that for a deduction so likely we'll be loading it up and dropping it off tomorrow....oh fun! But i get what you're saying about under priviledged. My child is over priviledged I think cause we try to make up for the lack of family she has, and though we swear to cut back every year we never do it!

Leah. said...

I have that many magazines too! LOL

I should add, stop buying so many freaking magazines to my New Years resolution list!!!

You do gooder you! You rock! Love it. I am going to do the same if they ever actually show up to come get it.

100 books. Yikes. I don't even think I could come close to that.
I love the idea of printing out my blog!!

Elizabeth A. said...

Those are amazing piles to donate. I've kept at least 99% of Jessica's toddler toys it seems like all I have to do is look at them and she needs to play with them. And oh if I donated her piano I'd have to buy her a new bigger one!