Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Bits Of Me

I am still working on journaling and writing. I have decided that I would like to write a bit more about my life. More than just the everyday hustle and bustle, I am going to write more about me. I found a huge print out of journaling questions on and I am working on developing more as a writer. Eventually I would like to write short stories. I am not going to say that I will be writing a novel any time soon, but I do plan to write more because writing makes me smile. Feel free to follow along with the prompts on your own blog if you would like to. I would love to see what you write. Some of the questions will be posted here, and some that are too private will be written in my own handwriting in a journal I bought. Eventually I plan to save them all for my children.

Two questions today:

Today what you really like about your life is:

I really like that I do not have to work full time. I do teach at a scrapbook store almost every Saturday, but on weekdays I am able to be home with my children, and my scrapbook supplies. Heaven.

I really like that I am able to express myself creatively. I still worry that other people will judge my work and find it wanting. I work to convince myself that as long as I am satisfied when I look at my completed project, it is a job well done.

I really like that I am blessed with my three children. Even though some days feel less blessed than others.

I really like the relationship I have with my grandmother. I appreciate the fact that she is always available to talk when I need to. In reality, she is more like a friend than a grandmother sometimes. I love her lots.

I really like that it is getting closer to Christmas. We have been a bit stressed financially, but I have to remember that money is not everything. I have been enjoying spending increased time with the kids when they were out over Thanksgiving break. I just wish we could get everyone to be healthy again.

I really like reading! I am planning to read at least one hundred books in 2009.

And one I will not answer here, but will do privately: What if you were more attractive, or uglier? How would you be different?

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Agnes said...

Such a beautiful post, Heather.

There is so much beauty in life, really. And I think now that the economy is supposedly taking a dive, we become more creative and appreciative of what we have, which really is a good thing.

Merry Christmas :-)

Leah. said...

I will be so following along with this. Writing makes me smile too.

I look forward to seeing more of these posts!

Jessica's mom said...

100 Books. Let us know when you reach your goal. I don't think it will take you that long with the way your book list changes all the time. Ahh the wonderment of libraries!

Vera said...

This is a brilliant idea and hits two things at once: you have things to write about, which helps you feel nice, and you let us know more about you - which keeps us happy too :)