Sunday, December 21, 2008

Seventh Heaven

For the past month we have been listening to Alexis incessantly counting down to her seventh birthday. Every morning she would roll out of bed and announce ___ days until my birthday! Friday was the big day, and I baked a half a million cupcakes on Thursday evening to bring to her school party. They all got to wear their pajamas to school because for their Christmas Party they watched Polar Express. Since her birthday is so close to Christmas she often ends up having her Birthday and Christmas party on the same day at school.

Saturday we had her party. I had been planning it for weeks. Apparently Hannah Montana is the epitome of what every seven year old girl wants to be. She asked for a Hannah cake, and a Hannah Barbie as her present. I had lots of fun hunting them down. We did karaoke, makeovers, and dress up at the party. Everyone had a great time, but I think the karaoke was what really put us over the top. That and the superstar glasses.

Brandon wandered around confused trying to figure out what all of the fuss was about, but Jordan jumped right and and commanded that she be the first to sing. Thankfully the birthday girl did not mind waiting her turn. Jordan is a bit bossy at times. Here she is rocking out on the mic wearing her super cool white gloves.

I can not finish a post about a birthday girl without the requisite photo of her with her cake. So here it is!



Elizabeth A. said...

Happy Birthday for Alexis! :) It looks like the kids had a load of fun, great job on all the planning! Hopefully it didn't take to long to clean up after.

Leah. said...

Karaoke??? Soooo cool. Nothing beats those glasses!

Glad she had such a great time.
Love that shot of her with her cake, she looks blissfully happy!

Kami said...

Looks like a great party!! Great job, mom!!

Angi said...

I totally understand the whole birthday too close to christmas thing! growing up I thought I had it bad as my bday is Jan 26 - so a month after xmas, but my daughters is Jan 4, just 10 days after. It's not fair cause usually the kids from school don't come to her party cause of the holiday break they forget. So this year we're not doing a party. We planned for some activities she'll enjoy and a day of shopping - letting her choose her gifts. She's excited and I hope she really has fun!
Happy Holidays to you all!