Monday, December 1, 2008


Thank you Rleen for my blog award! I always admire your layouts, and I really appreciate you choosing me. =0)

We are all still quite sick around here. We first went through sinus infections, and now we are currently suffering from bronchitis. When I say we, I mean Brandon, Jordan, and I are suffering. Ronnie and Alexis hardly ever get sick. They are what Ronnie calls "Tanks". Indestructible. LOL

We did not get to go to Thanksgiving at my grandparent's house, which totally depressed me because I was really looking forward to going. Jordan and I were too sick, and since my grandmother was getting over a bad case of strep, we decided not to share germs.

I ended up cooking for Ronnie's family on Saturday because I could not go with out a Thanksgiving completely. Jordan and I made pecan pie. Here's a photo of her adding the pecans to the top of the pie. Note the package of grits in the background. I am a good Southern girl y'all.

All of the food came out really well, and everyone raved about it. I interrupted everyone's lunch to get a photo. I cooked, so they have to deal with me.

After dinner we played games with the kids, and I was shocked to see Brandon figure out how to play the fishing game at such a young age. I still have problems playing it. LOL He is such a smart little man.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving,


Leah. said...

You totally deserve a Kreative blogger award!!!!

LOL. I love the first photo of dd cooking. I had to blow it up and check out what was on your counter. Grits. I soo want to try those. Laptop. Hated you a bit. Wouldn't it be wonderful to wash dishes and talk to you all at the same time?

Bronchitis blows!!! I used to get it all the time and it's horrible to cough till you feel like your going to literally cough out a lung! Get better girly. I miss ya.

Glad your Thanksgiving was good.

Jessica's mom said...

Don't they all look great playing the fishing game? I think my mom has owned all the different sizes of that game through the course of all of her children. I think I've played all of them too!

Congrats on your award, you keep me coming back.