Thursday, December 11, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland (REALLY!)

Last night I heard on the weather report that it would snow today. Bob Breck (my favorite weatherman) said between six and eight o'clock this morning it would snow. I got so excited at the prospect of a little sprinkle of snow because it has been four years since we last saw any! I got up this morning and woke the kids up at six o'clock so I could dress them up warmly. Ronnie was a Grinch and kept saying that even if it did snow it would just melt and it would be "muddy snow". I told him to stop being negative and let me be happy. Now I get to say just how WRONG he was! We played in the snow for hours this morning! I estimate we got between three and a half to four inches of snow between six and ten this morning. It was the most snow I have ever seen in person, and it was the first time the kids were old enough to play in it. The last time we had snow was Christmas Eve 2004. The first Christmas after the girls were placed with us.

I know that snow is not such a big deal to some of you, but to me it felt so magical. I spent so much time playing with the kids outside, and every now and then I would look up and just think... Wow! I guess if we got more snow the novelty would wear off, but it really was amazing to see. Now it's raining outside, and the snow is melting. It is okay though. I took enough photos to last me another four years. LOL Here are some of my very favorite photos. I have to confess that I took more than 150 keepers. LOL I took 400 total. Thank goodness my camera has a huge memory card! I have a movie to upload too in a bit, after I finish uploading all of my photos to Winkflash. =0P



Agnes said...

Oh, Lucky You!!!
How magical :-))) .... awesome photos!

Elizabeth A. said...

OMG! That's just wonderful! And such great photos you took too! I'm glad to hear it was such a happy day for you.

Yes snow gets old, cold, yucky, and gross. But always my personal favorite is beautiful white snow for Christmas, and that dear is essentially what you got! :)

I keep saying the perfect place has snow for two weeks. The week before Christmas and the week after!

Elizabeth A. said...

Beautiful just beautiful. You should seriously consider having your house be the "Christmas Card" for next year!

Melissa said...

We had a great time too! I did not get much done around the house so I hope we do not have a snow day tomorrow too! Hoping the ice is not bad tomorrow.

Leah. said...

I love the first photo!!! That is pure joy on her face!