Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday morning we got up before the sun did. Alexis had a psychiatrist’s appointment at 7:15 over an hours drive away. I rushed around frantically trying to get the kids ready. The kids were moving as slow as molasses in the winter time. It never fails, if I’m in a rush they move slower.

I opened the door to go out, and noticed a thick soupy fog. The humidity was so heavy that you could taste it when you breathed. We all piled into the van, and I gave them their waffles that I made. It drives Ronnie nuts when we eat in the van, but we were all out of time. I may have mentioned here before that I absolutely detest driving on the interstate. I always have. I can not understand why people can not have the common courtesy to let people merge onto the interstate, and not drive like maniacs. If you add the fog to the equation… it gets worse. We had to drive extremely slowly and barely made it to the appointment on time.

After we arrived at the psychiatrist’s office, the kids played a while, and then we were called into the room. The psychiatrist came in right as Brandon was trying to open the door to escape. I mentioned that we had to put chains on all of our exterior doors because Brandon was smart enough to open the deadbolts. The psychiatrist responded, “I just hooked a battery up to mine so that every time my kids touched it they got shocked.” “They learned to leave it alone quickly.” I just responded “Uh huh,” without really listening until I realized what he had said. Then I looked at him like he had lost his mind when my brain caught up with what he had said. He laughed and apologized and said he was trying to be funny. Umm? Ok. He ended up changing Alexis’ ADHD medicine to one that will last longer. Since she is turning seven we have more options on what medication she will be on. This one has less side effects.

After the appointment we rushed to bring them to school. I brought the kids inside and spoke to Jordan’s teacher for a while. She suggested buying knee pads for Jordan to wear while she is at school because when she falls the floors are really hard and she keeps getting bruises. I am planning on having her wear them under her pants. She already gets rude comments on her braces. I can only imagine the comments she would get on knee pads.

Yesterday both of the girls had their Christmas concert performances. They did such a great job. Jordan’s was first and they sang Frosty the Snowman. My heart was melted, and not just from the singing. I saw something I had suspected that made me really happy. Jordan was sitting down on the floor in front of the stage waiting her turn. She could not get comfortable because of her braces, and was wiggling around. Instead of fussing at her, the teacher let her go over by her, and they watched the performance together with Jordan standing in front of the teacher, and the teacher hugging her. As the Mom of a special needs child, I always worry how she is being treated. I suspected that her teacher had a special place in her heart for her, but that confirmed it!

She did really well in the performance. I was so glad because I had worried that she would get nervous. Here is the video of her song...

I was so lucky that my in-laws came to see the girls, and helped me with Brandon. Otherwise I would have never gotten it on video. Jordan's show was at 9:30 and Alexis' did not start until 1:30 so we went home and I folded clothes and chatted with my in-laws until it was time to go back. They drove two hours through that nasty fog to get here. I really appreciate them.

When we got back, Brandon decided he was done with the whole Christmas program thing, and threw a huge gigantic temper tantrum. It looks like the terrible twos are coming early because this has happened a LOT lately. It is really hard not to be embarrassed when he does it in public, but he's so little, and so hard headed like his Momma. I do not get mad at him. I just take him outside. My mother in law came and got him so I could video tape Alexis' performance for Ronnie. He was not able to get off of work. I later found out that Brandon was so upset, that she had to take him to the van. Of course then he was happy because he could pretend to drive. I felt awful that my mother in law had to deal with his tantrum, but she reminded me that they all do it. (Even his Daddy who thinks he was so perfect! Ha!)

While I was filming my higher quality video camera ran out. I had to get Alexis' performance on the video feature that came with my digital camera. It goes in and out of focus, but I still got it. She is the third one from the left after Santa Claus. She did such a good job, and the Santa Claus was hilarious.

Do not get me wrong, I love the Christmas season, but I am so very busy that I could pull my hair out! I have a special hire project to do a luggage tag. I have classes to prepare for. I have to create a hybrid digital class to teach at Scrappersaurus. I have to bake cupcakes tonight for Alexis' birthday/Christmas party at school tomorrow. I have to prepare for Lexie's birthday party on Saturday. Pray for me. I need extra hours added to this day! Now I am off to do more laundry.

I will have to post more questions another day. This post is already super duper long!

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Leah. said...

I can totally understand how you feel. If you saw the state of my house right now.... LOL.

Gosh your kids are so cute!! I was singing along with them. I'm such a dork.

*sigh* I get the temper thing. It will fade. Joseph isn't quite as bad as he used to be.

Hope your day is better today.

Who the hell would give your dd a hard time about her leg braces. God kids are mean. She is beautiful through it all!

Cheryl Wray said...

Great videos! And Jordan's teacher sounds like such a blessing. How wonderful to have her!

I know about everything so busy! Praying that you can get everything done,and also relax enough to enjoy the holidays!

Elizabeth A. said...

Just don't laugh when any of them have a fit. Sometimes Jessica is so much like her daddy I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing!

Congrats on getting everything around and capturing all of those memories.