Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve Scrooge

Ok, I admit it. I am a New Year's Eve Scrooge. I hate all of the drunk people out driving on the roads. I get annoyed that the Dick Clark New Year's Eve program is now hosted by Ryan Seacrest of all people. It makes me crazy that just as my kids lay down to go to bed, fireworks start going off and wake them up. For some reason, staying up until one in the morning comforting my children who are scared out of their minds of fireworks, is not my idea of a good time. I have never been one to be thrilled with New Year's celebrations. The most Ronnie and I have ever really done is stay up and watch the ball fall, which is kind of pointless. There! I said it. Blast me if you wish, but Bah Humbug to New Year's Eve.

Now New Year's Day is a whole other deal. I love the promise of a New Year, with new projects and things to be done. I love making resolutions, and hoping for better times to come. I promised new things coming up on my blog and I am going to deliver. I am going to be participating in Project 365 in my own way. You can see what it is all about here...

I have decided to participate by taking a photo every day, and posting it to my blog. I will be editing each photo to add the date, and at the end of the year I will get them all printed out and put them in a huge album. It should be fun. Feel free to participate along with me if you would like. I am also planning to continue the journaling questions.

On that note here is my first photo:

Brandon took an extra long nap today since he was up so late last night. When I saw him sleeping I thought it would be the perfect photo opportunity.

My marriage has been interrupted by high definition television. As a present to each other for our eighth anniversary in four days we decided to get HDTV installed. I am not sure it was a good idea. I have not heard too much from him, because he has been attached to the couch, drooling at the quality of the picture. LOL

Well, I had better go back to stirring my New Year's Day gumbo. I hope you all have a blessed New Year.



Nnairda's said...

Happy New Year! I might try to play along with you for the picture a day. I'm not so good with follow through though. We'll see.

I always enjoy watching a sleeping child. Nice pic!


Leah. said...

We truly are kindred spirits you and I. My Mom called today and asked how my New Year's went and I just snorted! I'm not a big fan either.

Whoo Hoo to HD TV girl. Just think of all that uninterrupted scrapping time while he drools. You are a genius woman!

LOVE that photo of Brandon. I know I wouldn't be able to follow through on a photo a day! LOL

I do love seeing your regular updates though. I hate those blogs that people start that just stay virtually untouched.

Julie said...

Ha! Ha! Your marriage hijacked by high-def! That's funny!

Good luck with your 365 photos. Do you mind if I include a link to your blog from my blog?? (I like to ask before doing so .... )

Nnairda's said...

Okay...I'm playing too! :)

Rleen said...

Aloha Heather,
Happy New year to you and your beautiful family. Wish you the best in 2009!

wow! what a precious photo of your ds. I love it!


MindyRadio said...

Oh yes, HDTV can definitely interrupt a marriage....LOL We've had it for some years now and my Hubby still goes through the whole sales pitch to me everytime he sees a movie on our blu ray player. Please wait awhile before you let me get a blu ray player. You'll lose him forever.

TheresaK said...

Happy New year!!good luck to you on the pic of the day!!
Love the photo of Brandon

Elizabeth A. said...

Children are so peaceful when they are sleeping! Oh if they always looked like that. Then everyone would have kids and where would the world be right?