Saturday, January 10, 2009

POTD 1-10-09 Seven Going on Seventeen

I know I did a black and white photo yesterday, but today's photo was crying out to be turned black and white. Alexis has been having problems lately with her ADHD and bipolar medicines, and things here have been less than pleasant to put it mildly. I wanted to capture her frustration this evening, and I think I did. Here she is looking at her Daddy disgustedly after he told her she was punished. (For lying AGAIN today.) I just happened to have the camera handy. I grabbed it and snapped. This is the look that says her parents are peons and when she grows up she will never ever do anything the way we do it. She is seven going on seventeen.

Leah tagged me! I am supposed to list 6 uninteresting things about myself and tag 5 more. It shouldn't be too hard to list 6 boring things about myself now should it?

1. I read all of the Babysitters Club books as a teenager.
2. I detest folding clothes. I would rather wash dishes any day.
3. I am saving up to buy a huge Ikea bookcase just because my completed scrapbook albums will fit in it.
4. My favorite color is green. It is a happy color.
5. I love the song "Always" by Saliva (Thanks Leah!)
6. I hate driving on the Interstate. It scares me. I like driving fast, but I do not like inconsiderate drivers.

I am tagging... Estee, Liz, Jane, Adriann, Rleen, and Angi.

Signing off for tonight!


Agnes said...

Awww, I love the photo!!

To tell you the truth, the side effects of some of these medicines really freak me out.

I too detest folding clothes... why can't they come out of the dryer all folded up?

Leah. said...

Your best POTD yet!!! Okay wait, I loved that hippotherapy photo too!!! Okay it's damn good!! Love the close up of Alexis just being Alexis you know.

Love your six. Ahhh Ikea. I love it. I'm waiting till Spring driving out and dropping a ton o money... or whatever we can afford. LOL.

Thanks for posting chicky!

Adriann said...

What an expression! Such a scrapable moment.

I didn't do one for Saturday. My mother moved and I was with her all day.

Will try to post the tag soon.

Elizabeth A. said...

Oh my, The Babysitters club, man it's been a long time since I thought about them. I was more a a Sweet Valley girl myself...