Monday, January 12, 2009

POTD 1-11-09 A Series of Unfortunate Events/ Questions Session 9

This morning started out quite interestingly with Jordan waking up at four in the morning talking about her last birthday party. She is obsessed with the fact that her birthday is "only" three months away now. I went in there and asked her to be quiet because Brandon was still sleeping. (They share a room.) She went back to sleep for a little while, and when I went in to wake her up later I noticed she felt warm and she said she had a tummy ache. So she got out of going to therapy today, and school as well. She suffers from a sluggish digestion, and we have had this problem before. I know it is too much information but she will even get sick from not going. I dosed her with her medicine that (ahem) fixes things.

Then I went in to wake Alexis up, and I got her ready for school. I did the usual morning chores, picking up, emptying the dishwasher, and feeding the little ones while Lexie waited for the bus. The bus did not come. Instead I got a phone call that the bus had been in an accident. I asked if everyone was okay. The bus assistant told me that they did not even realize that someone had hit them. A good Samaritan had chased them down and told them. It was only the driver and the assistant on the bus, so no one was hurt. They were waiting to get the police report done, and would not be picking up Alexis. So here I am with the option to bring her to school, but I can not because of the possibility of Jordan's issue resolving itself while we are driving.

I am stuck. I have all three kids today. Jordan is still feeling sick. Brandon is ticked off that he is having to share his toys with Jordan. Alexis is mad at me that she missed school. She has never had an unexcused absence before during this year. She will just have to accept that there are extenuating circumstances today.

So to distract them, I have let them color at the kitchen table most of the morning. Jordan did not want her picture taken because she "feels yucky". So here are Brandon and Alexis in the POTD.

I have questions for you today!

Question One: What is your favorite thing about being a man/woman?

I guess my favorite thing about being a woman is how much smarter we are than men. No, I am kidding! LOL I like being more in tune with other people's emotions. I feel like women are more intuitive than men are.

Question Two: What is your least favorite thing about being a man/woman?
I am, and always have been a tomboy at heart. I hate having to shave my legs. (I do it anyway but it stinks to have to!) I do not wear make up or dresses unless it is absolutely necessary. The thing I hate the most about being a woman is the viewpoint that unless a woman is immaculately dressed, she is less of a woman. This is extremely detrimental to me, because I am a person who would prefer to live in her pajamas. =oP

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings today!


Elizabeth A. said...

Now all that just plain sucks. Alexis really is beautiful with her glasses on and her hair like that. Of course the best is that she's counting on her fingers too. It's such a grown up face and then you see the fingers. Wonderful.

Hopefully alls-past with Jordan now and you can resume the week with the "tomorrow's Tuesday."

Angi said...

my daughter also suffers from some type of digestion problems - and has since she was a baby! one day I'll have to take her and actually demand a scope be done or something cause they always tell me the same ol' thing and it's not a fix for it. honestly I think her inards are tied in knots!

Leah. said...

I hope Jordan feels better soon!
Cute POTD!

Hmmm, best thing about being a woman?
~ Intuition. Definitely
~ Being in touch with our feelings.
~ Smarter

Worst thing:

Cheryl Wray said...

Love your questions and answers. PJs are good! :-)

Hope today is more "normal" for you.