Tuesday, January 13, 2009

POTD 1-13-09-I Live Here

Ok technically I do not live there, but it sure does feel like it sometimes. I spent an hour in line with a fussy toddler today. I had ordered Ronnie the Stepbrothers DVD with Will Farrell in it online for his birthday. It came in a few days ago, but it was not a DVD. It was some crazy playstation portable movie. I was so irritated! I brought it into the store and exchanged it for a store credit. One would think it would be easy to go find the actual DVD and use my store credit to get it right? Nope. They were out of stock. So I just got him the Dukes of Hazzard DVD instead. Can you tell what type of movies he likes? LOL

After I finished with the movie mess, I actually had to get groceries too. Fun. That was after my visit to the library, Blockbuster, and the brake tag place. Jordan had a meeting here at the house with the Easter Seals people who coordinate her casework, and I had to finish a layout for work. It has been an insane day.

Alexis was supposed to go to gymnastics this evening, but she came home with a bad report from school. That is bad because her teacher is the closest thing I know to a saint. So it means she was REALLY disruptive. Here at home her behavior has not been any better, she was hollering and misbehaving while Jordan's coordinator was here. It was all I could do to pay attention to the important questions she was asking me. *Sigh* I get so tired of fighting with Alexis about her behavior. She has a ton of homework to do, and she is sitting here next to me arguing every step of the way. Sometimes I wonder why things just can not be easier. I guess it is just one of those days for both of us.

Thanks to Leah and Dawn, I have joined Facebook. The shamelessly peer pressured me into it. They actually said, "Don't you want to be like the cool kids?" I do! I do! Where do I sign up?! LOL You can find me on Facebook under Heather Brewer Landry.

Hugs and whines!


Agnes said...


Your post reminded me of that movie with Nathalie Portman, when her character actually lived in WalMart :-))
I don't have facebook... let's face it, I am just not a cool kid :-))

Leah. said...

I did not say you were not a cool kid. I said peer pressure was a bitch and you couldn't resist us forever! LOL

and look whoo hoo. Facebook!

I really hope you can get everything worked out with Alexis soon. Poor Mommy.

Gotta love Wal Mart :)

Elizabeth A. said...

Geezz, I think you need to pen the kids up in the house for two minutes (maybe leave them stuck in their carseats when you get home one day - so they can't distroy the house) and go outside and yell and scream. Only for a minute or two. Then when you got and get them you can say, "See how much I love you!"

I'm sorry you're not even catching a break when she's at school - if only because you know what she's up to. That just sucks.