Wednesday, January 14, 2009

POTD 1-14-09 Bad Boy!

Is is awful of me to be tickled when Brandon does naughty things? I just look at his little face, and instead of fussing at him I end up giggling. How could I resist his little cute face? His project today was pulling the rest of the Kleenex out of the box and shredding them all over the floor. After he was done, he sat down in the middle of his created chaos and watched his cartoons like nothing was out of the ordinary. I love that kid, but we call him Captain Chaos for a reason. LOL

I have a few of my latest layouts to share since it has been a while! As always you can click to make them larger and read the descriptions.

I had better go do something productive. I swear Facebook is so addicting. I have spent the entire morning on it. Jeez!


P.S. Questions tomorrow!


Kami said...

You spent the entire morning on facebook? OMG!! LOL!! Ok, ok, I am guilty too! hehehe

Angi said...

I'm always connected with the iphone I have the twitter, myspace and facebook apps - but when I'm home I always have the laptop on with all those windows open! it's impossible for me to even fold socks!

Leah. said...

LOL!!! to Kami's comment! I spent my whole morning on the Internet and didn't blink an eye and this is a daily occurence. You should see the destruction around the house! LOL

Love that photo, makes me laugh. I should do one too of the destruction Joseph creates.

As always, your layouts rock chicky!

Elizabeth A. said...

Be careful about those giggles when Brandon is naughty, it will make him think it's okay and you're not really mad. I know I struggle with it as well.