Friday, January 16, 2009

POTD 1-16-09 Little Piggies/Questions Session 10

My POTD today, and this one is also for the boy themed photo challenge at the photo challenge forum.

This is Brandon's little foot. The little stubby toes, the little wrinkles on the bottom, the chubby little instep.

Thanks go to Leah for the idea of taking a photo of his footsies! Because this was for the photo challenge I could only edit in Picasa. I used the filtered black and white options and clicked on colors until I liked the dreamy look I got with a red.

I got a blog award from Leah and Kami today!

I'm also supposed to name 5 addictions. Only 5? Well this should be easy.

1. Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!
2. Scrapbooking, both digital and paper.
3. Taking pictures, my kids think they are famous because I stalk them like the paparazzi.
4. Bones (The show on TV!)
5. Music, all day every day. I would rather listen to music than watch television.

Five blogs that I think are fabulous:

(The links are on the right hand side!)

1. Leah
2. Kami
3. Angi
4. Rleen
5. Liz

And I promised questions today...

Question 1: What do you love to buy? Hate to buy?

I have a love/hate relationship with buying clothes, being tall and well endowed makes it difficult to find stuff that fits correctly. Having said that, I love shopping for clothes. LOL I HATE shopping for groceries. It is boring, and I get the same stuff over and over. Maybe I would like it more if I tried different recipes, but then the kids probably would not eat it.

Question 2: What is the worse thing you have ever done to your hair?

Oh gosh, I can not believe I am admitting it, but my hair was pink once. I had dyed it red, and it looked really cute red. My roots started growing out and I got tired of being a red head so I decided to dye it back my natural blond color with a home kit. Yeah. Ummm.... not smart. The red part of my hair turned pink, and the blond roots turned bright yellow blond, so I had pink hair with a blond root halo. So not cute! To save it I had to dye it all dark brown. It was a disaster.

Have a fabulous day today!


Leah. said...

Oh man, oh man, oh man!
I love it! It is the most adorable photo ever!!!!!!

I hate shopping for clothes. I'm small and stickish which means nothing fits or I have to get from the kids section and then look like an overgrown 12 year old. Groceries is up on the list too!
The kids eat everything so fast and I'm sick of spending money and time in the grocery store!

Hands down, a perm. A professional perm! I can do a perm myself and it looks great but when I was 14 I decided to get one done and came out looking fuzzy and poodle~ish. It was awful, and my sister made fun of me for weeks. They must have left the solution on too long or something! Maybe I should find a photo of it!

Kami said...

Photos please! I have to see your pink hair! LOL!! I have a similar story with my hair turning green!! Yuck! So embarassing and I had to go to a beauty shop to get it fixed. Eeeeek!

And that photo of Brandon's toes, incredibly precious, Heather! Great job!!

MindyRadio said...

Well, I just KNOW you are gonna send a picture of your red/pink hair. It's kinda of a tradition now. You can't put that out there for me without pics.....LOL

And well, you've seen the picture of 'The Claw' do I need to say anything other than that.....LOL

Nnairda's said...

The piggy toes are just awesome!!! Love it!!

My favorite so far.

Agnes said...

LOL on your kids thinking they're famous :-)))

And LOL on the pink hair too :-)))

Val said...

i always loved toes photo.
They are usually awesome, yours is fab!
great photo job!!!

Rleen said...

Love the awesome little piggies photo. TFS!

Thank you so much for the blog award. I really love your 5 addictions :)

I really love to buy anything for scrapbooking. lol... Yes, I shop more than finish up any projects.

I hate to buy my clothes because it's really hard for me to find my size now. Not like before so easy just get the size 1 or 2 for pants and small for blouse and dress then finished. Believe it or not my DH bought my clothes more than I bought on my own.

I never done anything to my hair except to cut on the bottom part that's it. I love my long straight black hair :)