Thursday, January 22, 2009

POTD 1-22-09 Dymo Addict/Questions Session 11

Yesterday I bought a Dymo label maker because I thought it would be cool to use on my scrapbook layouts. When I got home I decided it would be neat to learn how to use it by labeling my scrapbook storage. Twenty seven labels later, I realized that the Dymo is slightly addictive. I stopped short of labeling my kids, but just barely. Once you get on a roll with it, you do not want to stop. LOL I was all excited to show it to Ronnie when he got home, and he just rolled his eyes at me. He does not get it. LOL I love being organized, and it just made my day. It is the little things in life that matter right? So my photo of the day today is two stacks of my neatly labeled containers. They make me smile!

I have questions today...

Question One: How do you feel about keeping your house clean? Do you mind cleaning, or do you love it?

I do not like cleaning house. I love it when things are organized, and everything is in it's place. I do not mind that part of cleaning. I HATE vacuuming, and dusting. Dishes and laundry do not bother me too much, except for the fact that I seem to constantly be doing one or the other. I managed to bribe Ronnie into doing the vacuuming, but he refuses to dust. Now that I have a job, I get out of some of the chores on the weekends. Yay me!

Question Two: What is your favorite Disney movie?

It is hard to choose given that I named both of my daughter's middle names after Disney princesses. I personally identify most with Ariel. I remember when the movie came out when I was eight years old. I just to swim in my babysitter's pool, and jump out of the water singing. I was such a dork. LOL So I guess that my favorite movie is The Little Mermaid, but Jasmine comes in a close second. I love the old school movies.


P.S. This weekend at Scrappersaurus I am doing double duty! I am teaching Beginning Digital Scrapbooking, and Photo Restoration. It will be my first time teaching two classes in one day! It should be fun. If you are interested in signing up, and have not done so yet, you can visit for the phone number and email.


Elizabeth A. said...

Haha! Those remind me of the ones that they had when I was in school, the teacher's pets always had them. I suppose it's all fitting now since your such a well loved teacher they want to know when to take your classes, WTG!

Nnairda's said...

LOL! We both must have an addictive personality. Because once I find something I enjoy, it's hard to get me to stop until I find the next distraction. :)

Nice b&w!!


Leah. said...

*cough* OCD!
LOL! Seriously, step away from the labeller woman. Kidding.
Actually looking at it makes me feel guilty, like maybe I should go get me a Dymo labeller myself.


I think that I hate cleaning but when I start to see progress, it really makes me happy. So I guess that settles it. I'm nuts! LOL
I get VERY grumpy when we are losing control in the cleanliness department.

Favourite Disney movie?
Toy Story 1 & 2 come to mind right away!
Brother Bear! Totally amazing and maybe overlooked.
Cars! I am Lightning!
Eight Below. Gah, that movie is so good.

TheresaK said...

Wanna come organize & label my scrabook stuff??? Maybe the whole house?? I HATE to clean!!!!!

Agnes said...

LOL "labeling your kids"!

My goodness, you're organized! You're welcome to come and organize my house any time :-)

Michelle said...

I think I need a labeler! Maybe then things would get put back where they belong!! I need things organized too! I {heart} IKEA for that whole reason!! I don't have alot of big stuff, but the little things have made a world of difference!! :) I,too, can plan my whole house around their catalog. There is one by the airport and MOA. Dangerous!! :)