Friday, January 23, 2009

POTD 1-23-09 Where's Jordan?

Jordan is slightly obsessed with baby dolls. At last count there thirteen were of them. She always insists that every baby have a name, and once she names them, she never forgets a name. She comes up with the strangest names at times. Just because I never want to forget, I asked her the name of each baby doll while we took this photo. Their names are Kiki, Swimmie, Baby Belle, Sarah, Sasha Sidney, Melody, Gidget, Chou Chou, Britney, Priscilla, Frannie Baby, Loose Tooth Button Baby, and Preemie.

I have one measly scrapbook page to share today. I have been super busy with work lately, and have not had much time for personal scrapbooking! I am all caught up now for a while, and I am excited to get to scrapbook tomorrow! I ordered all of my baby photos that I scanned. My Mom loaned me a huge box. I also ordered my week in the life photos from when Ali Edwards ran that challenge. Now I just have to scrap them. I even bought a book to put them all in. So much to do, so little time! Here is the layout, as always you can click on it to make it bigger.

Thanks for stopping by, I have to go cook dinner!



Agnes said...


This must be the most adorable photo ever!!!!

I am smiling ear to ear just looking at it!

Nnairda's said...

My favorite name is Frannie cute! Love the pile of dolls and Jordon. Great shot!

She's adorable with boo boo's and all.

Leah. said...

Just the best POTD ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me!
so much for getting the news about what is going on at scrappersaurus to me. I can not make the classes this week, but hope to be visting next week. I just find their website a confusing mess, but can not wait to here about the guest teacher coming in, I just might have to make another trip in then.
Love the photos and the wonderful layouts! can you reccommend any blogs for projects( small books) or a great baby site. I want to make a baby book for a gift and need page suggestion.
Again, thanks and great work....

Kristina said...

My littlest is obsessed with her babies too! Cute photo!

Rleen said...

WOW! Adorable photo! I love your gorgeous layout.