Saturday, January 24, 2009

POTD 1-24-09 Eat Like a Boy

My girls have always been content to sit at the table like little ladies. They eat their dinner messily, but they stay seated. Brandon is a whole other creature. When I got off of work this evening I stopped at Wendy's to buy dinner because I was so tired. I served everything up and was getting ready to sit down when I saw Brandon standing up in his chair eating chicken nuggets. I guess it is okay as long as he is "in" his chair. LOL

Boys are so different! I have a big announcement about a special event at Scrappersaurus coming up in a separate post in just a minute!



Agnes said...

LOL I love it :-)

I have just noticed the blue box where everyone else seems to be posting their comments... I wonder if I've been posting in the wrong box.

Rleen said...

Cute and adorable photo! I love it!

Leah. said...

That cracks me up!!!! Look at the way Alexis is looking at him. LOL!