Sunday, January 25, 2009

POTD 1-25-09 Rub A Dub

Today's photo of the day was so hard to choose. I got two really excellent ones during bath time tonight. It came down to me wanting to use one that was in color because I've been using a lot of black and white lately, so this one is my official POTD.

I think I also was drawn in by the look on his face in that one. This one is the runner up, and you will see why I had such a hard time choosing! I loved that I caught the drops of water falling, and his Daddy's hands in the photo.

Today I actually got some scrapbooking time in! I had an idea to make my own mini album out of some black chipboard that I bought a while back. I used my Cricut machine to make several different sized hearts, and then adhered them with temporary adhesive to the chipboard. Then I cut out around the templates, punched holes, and assembled everything. It is held together using two 7 Gypsies binding rings. I had a blast making this. I am in love with that Scenic Route Loveland paper.As always you can click on it to make it bigger!

I hope everyone has a wonderful night,


Agnes said...

You're an amazing photographer, Heather! Besides, bath photos make excellent blackmail material for the future, when the kids are older (just kidding).

Leah. said...

OH!!!! I can see why you had a hard time choosing! I love the color in the first one but the expression in the b&w is to die for!!!! Isn't it hard choosing? LOL

Kami said...

That kid is so darn cute!!!