Wednesday, January 28, 2009

POTD 1-28-09 Afternoon Nap/Question Session 12

Things were a little too quiet a while ago, so I tiptoed down the hallway to check on Brandon. He had been playing in his room making his usual loud banging noises. He finally gave up and fell asleep in front of the window with the light streaming down on him. It is a given this photo is a bit grainy, but I could not pass it up. He is very rarely still. LOL

I did not forget about the questions of the day! Question One: What is some of the worst advice you have ever received?

One of the worst pieces of advice that I ever received came from the nurses at the hospital before we brought Jordan home. Since she was a preemie, she was allowed to sleep on her stomach. They actually were not allowed to sleep on their backs in the NICU. So when we got ready to bring her home and they instructed us to have her sleep on her back, she freaked out. She did not sleep hardly at all until we brought her to the pediatrician a few days later and she informed us that it was okay for her to sleep on her stomach due to the equipment she was on (oxygen and apnea monitor). After that she slept better, but not much better. The best way to get her to sleep was to lay her on our chests, but that meant we had to stay up. I do not think I slept a full night until she was a year old. It was a wild ride for sure. LOL Now she is my best sleeper.

Question Two: What is your child rearing philosophy?

I am a pretty laid back Mom. We never have scheduled the day out, from feeding to baths... it just happens when we get to it. Naps are nice, but those happen when they happen too. I believe in making sure the important morals are instilled, and letting them make their way with guidance as needed. I believe in free play, and not much direction or interference. I believe in letting children learn as much as they want, but encouraging them to want to learn more. I believe that each child is different, and requires a slightly different approach. Above all I believe that the most important things in a child's life are love, laughter, and just being there for them.

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Leah. said...

Your child rearing philosopy is (shockingly)the exact same as mine.

I had to laugh out loud at your description to your POTD! Too funny. Sounds like my house.



agnes said...

Great philosophy. And of course a great shot!

Kami said...

Such a cute pic of him sleeping, definately a Kodak moment!!

Elizabeth A. said...

Cute pic. :D