Friday, January 30, 2009

POTD 1-30-09 Pretty In Pink

Of course I was back at the library today, dropping off and picking up books. Sometimes I think I should get a parking spot there with my name on it. They have the prettiest Camellia bush there. The flowers are as big as my hand! They are huge, ruffly, and gorgeous. Everything flowers should be! Not to mention that they are flowering when it is still cold outside.

A few years ago I bought a Camellia bush and planted it. I have babied it, and done everything short of kissing and hugging it. It still has not flowered. I must have picked a dud I guess, but I refuse to dig it up and plant a new one there. I just can not bear to give up on it. I was SURE it was going to flower this year, but I guess not! Maybe next year? If not I can just go visit the library's tree and ask it what it's secret is. LOL



agnes said...

There might be a simple explanation (more sun? less sun?) you could probably look it up online. It will probably tell you the plant does not bloom if it isn't properly kissed and hugged :-)
A great photo by the way, I love all the colors.

Rleen said...

wow! Beautiful flowers. Fantastic shot, I love all your POTD!

Wishing you and your beautiful family a wonderful weekend!


Leah. said...

It is really pretty.
Dang! you keep me on track with the POTD. I hadn't even thought of it today!

TheresaK said...

well don't ask me for any plant advice...I would kill it if i EVEN LOOKED AT IT!!!!! Plants & me don't see eye to eye..ha!

Elizabeth A. said...

I think the answer to your bush is simple. The answer is age. They like to be a certain amount old before going to town with the blooms. Mom's bush is currently still hard green little buds, so lucky you getting to see the ones near you sooner.