Tuesday, January 6, 2009

POTD 1-6-09 Home Away From Home- Questions Session 7

We made a trip to the library and the pharmacy today, and I just had to snap a photo of my library. I say "my" library because I am there so often they should just install a bed for me. LOL The library in Abita Springs is tiny. It is all one room, but it is always tidy, and comfortable. I have been to the bigger library in my town that is just HUGE, but I feel more comfortable at the small one in Abita Springs. It is only five minutes from my house. I feel lucky to have access to so much reading material. I also have to mention their fabulous request service. We have an online database that we can search and have books sent to our local library. They have them shelved at the desk so you can pick them right up.

I can not mention how much I use (overuse?) this service. Because I have three kids who have NO inside voices, I am so grateful that I can get in and out of the library in under five minutes and leave the other patrons to their peace and quiet. I was brought up to appreciate knowledge, and reading is not just an indulgence to me. It is a necessity. I can almost feel my brain atrophy if I have not read a decent book in a while. If that makes me a nerd, then so be it! Knowledge is power.

I have more questions for you all today!

Question One: Who do you envy and why?

I envy my children for their carefree view of life. They have no responsibilities, and no idea just how bad things can be in the world. I envy them their innocence with the heart of someone who did not get to be innocent. I envy them the concentration they display when they focus on one simple moment. Something as small as playing in the sand is an all encompassing activity to them. They are not thinking about what is next on their to-do list. While I envy them all this, I am so grateful that they are this way.

Question Two: Name five things in your refrigerator. (A bit of a silly one there. LOL)

1. Milk (God help me when I run out of it. The heathens rebel!)
2. Ketchup (Suitable to cover anything from eggs to broccoli. Gross!)
3. Cheese Singles (Grilled cheese is my go to lunch when they are home. They eat it!)
4. Crystal Light Cherry (Ronnie and I quit drinking soft drinks. It is pretty good.)
5. Eggs (I cook a REAL breakfast every Saturday morning with eggs, grits, and toast.)

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Nnairda's said...

Aha! We went to the library today too. Ours doesn't look as nice as yours. Yours look like a hacienda or something. Very nice.

Thanks so much for the instructions. I'm going to try it on another belly shot I have in mind.

I'm enjoying this 365 project a lot!


Cheryl Wray said...

I'm loving your questions and answers. Very fun!

Leah. said...

Woot!!!! To the library. Yep geeks unite!

Who do I envy?
Mommy's that don't look like Mommy's!!! There was whole group that came in to work last night that drank latte's and teas and they had on makeup and their hair was done! I felt jealous and wish I could be more "put together" *sigh*

Five things:
*Soooo need to go shopping. LOL

1. Cheese, the biggest block we can buy. We LOVE cheese in this house!
2. Milk~a staple
3. Ketchup. Two almost empty bottles. he he
4. Water
5. Bacon and eggs

Agnes said...

I really love libraries. I hope they are here to stay and won't be replaced by on-line reading.

I love what you said about children and their carefree world.