Thursday, January 8, 2009

POTD 1-8-09 Dust in the Wind

Miss Jordan had hippotherapy this evening. The sun was setting behind the arena, and the dust the horse kicked up was blowing around in the wind. I had to run and grab my camera. I am especially proud of this photo. Of course I played around and edited it in Photoshop. *Sigh* Jordan is growing up so fast. I can not believe she has been riding since she was only two years old.

I changed up the blog a bit. I added a subscription button, and moved things around. Sorry if I confused anyone! I will have more questions tomorrow. It is getting late. Brandon keeps staying up at night, and I am so sleep deprived.



Agnes said...

Love the picture!!

Cheryl Wray said...

That picture is AWESOME!

Leah. said...

It's the most amazing photo!
Amazing work!

Elizabeth A. said...

Beautiful picture, completely worth the run. Shoot get a big copy of that one and hang it on the wall it's amazing.

Julie said...

Wonderful photo, Heather! It's really beautiful.