Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Jordan has outgrown her current pair of leg braces, and so I thought I would take a photo of them before they go in the trash. I saved her very first pair of braces that were even tinier than my hand. She has gone through 6 pair of daytime braces since then and 3 pair of night time braces. Yes, she is even supposed to sleep in them. Ronnie and I do not make her wear them at night as much as we should, just because she does not sleep well at all in them. She just cries and cries. We keep trying to get her used to wearing them.

This morning I brought her to get her legs cast for her new braces. This involves them putting a cast on her legs and taking it right off again. She is convinced that they are going to cut her toes off when they take the cast off, so we have to hold her down while she screams. Brandon was hysterical as well because he thought we were hurting her. Needless to say it has been a looooooong day. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a better day and that I will be able to post some questions.



Agnes said...

Oh... I can't even imagine how hard it must be to sleep in them -- She's so lucky to have you, Heather :-)

Nnairda's said...

I love the close up and when she's older she will appreciate the memory. It may seem difficult now, but it will get better in time.

I just gave you an award. Stop by my blog and pick it up. I just noticed that you gave me one too!

I will pick it up this week. Thanks!


Julie said...

Poor girl!! I wouldn't want to sleep in braces either. :( Cute picture, though. The colors are fantastic.

Elizabeth A. said...

I am nearly 100% sure that when they made the AFO for me - they didn't make a cast only to take it off. I say that because I have never had a cast put on at all ever(inspite all of my injuries). But I can't tell you how they did make it, because I don't recall. What I can tell you is that the AFO sucked and I hated it. I think I wore mine about a month, but it dug into the skin graphs and made me crazy. Nothing would keep it out of the graphs so I gave up on it.

The orthopedic had told me it could have designs put on them (like airbrushed art) so I asked about that when they made it as well. Well the people doing it clearly didn't understand because it was teal and pink swirls when it was done. YUCK.

Later the opposing attorney's doctor's review would write "refuses to wear afo" on my chart. Moron. I told him the AFO rubs the skin graph RAW, but that didn't make the chart. Good thing my mom doesn't make me wear it or I'd yell and fuss at her too (shoot I'd most likely keep throwing them away behind her back). But of course as you know mine was for completely different reason's than Jordan. Best of luck and wishes for you being the best mom you can.