Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Mardi Gras!

Today is Mardi Gras day, and because Ronnie works downtown, he could not go to work. The parades pass right in front of where he works, and they block off the streets. We have had a lovely day at home together. Ronnie helped me clean the house this morning. I dusted and he vacuumed. I hate vacuuming, so it works out. I started a roast in the crock pot early this morning, which gave us all time to play together.

The weather was very nice, so we spent a large portion of the day outside. We played in the sandbox. The kids drove their power wheel car, and Ronnie played baseball with them. I got some really cute photos. The one below is my POTD for today. It is also my new desktop background. All of the people I love in the same shot. =0)

Here are a few other cute shots. I LOVE the one where all of the kids piled into the power wheel.


Jordan picked me some flowers. I love this shot as well. She looks like she’s deep in thought.


And last but not least here is Bubs. He stole all of the balls he could hold.


I hate how brown and yucky the grass is in these photos even though I boosted the saturation to try to compensate for it. Ugh. I can not wait for Spring! Alexis suddenly started feeling bad after we ate dinner, so she is laying in front of the television vegging out. She has a fever of 101, and I think she is coming down with the same cold I had.

I have some semi-good news about Lady. The oncologist called and said that we have three options. The first one is to have her undergo radiation, but she has so many health problems that it would probably do more harm than help. The second option was to have her go back under anesthesia to remove a larger portion of skin where the tumor was. Again, not the greatest option because of her previous illnesses. The third option, and the one we plan to take, is to watch and see if the tumors return. If they do we will have them do surgery again.

The reason we are not consenting to do another surgery right now is that I am afraid that she would not make it through it. The good news is that the cells they analyzed from the tumors are not the quick spreading type, and they more than likely got it all out during the first surgery. Please continue praying for her that the tumors do not return! I really appreciate all of the positive thoughts and prayers that everyone has sent her way. Lady does too!


In other news, I have had people tell me that they liked the questions and want me to continue! So tomorrow… new questions! =0)

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Jane said...

don't you love days like that?? Especially when someone is around to help you clean!!!!

agnes said...

Oh I am so happy to hear the (semi) good news about Lady.
Heather, i just love days like the one you just had. just hanging out with the people we love. your kids look so cute in that car -- that picture makes me smile ear to ear i tell you.
i hear you (brown lawn) but hey, spring is just around the corner...
good night, Heather :-)))

Dawn said...

What a fun day!! Yay for days off, huh! And what a sweetheart to help with the cleaning! You have quite the catch there . =0) too bad it ended with Alexis sick... =0( Hope she is feeling better soon. I will add her to my prayer list!! Thanks for the update on the pup. =0) Poor girl.

Jane said...

Yah, I know...I'm back!!!lol!! left you a little something on my blog!!

Heather said...

glad to hear the semi good news about lady... I am glad you had a great mardi gras day in lol... I planned to do alot around the yard today bc of the beautiful weather.. instead I accidentally busted a water line and you can guess how the rest of my happy mardi gras went lol!

Mandy said...

Glad you had a good day! Love all the pictures great shots!

Solo said...

Hi Heather,
Im happy to hear that you had a wonderful time w/your family.
Don't worry,Lady will be fine. We all pray for her good..=)
Love lots..=D

Elizabeth A. said...

That's great about lady. Hopefully wait and see will work out for everyone. Kitty has a wait and see lump, but the vet says it's lymph-something (not lymphoma) that means a lump of fat instead of cancer fun hu? I wont tell you where it is because that makes our wait and see even more ughhhhh... Prayers always!

Sorry to hear sickness is running around your house again. Hopefully this time it wont last long. Take care.

Leah. said...

There is no snow!!!!! I'm jealous!
Such good news about Lady!!!!!

Amanda Sevall said...

Awww.... Lady is such a cutie. That is good news! Glad you enjoyed your time with the family :)