Thursday, February 26, 2009

In which everyone is sick… Including me!


This photo of Jordan says it all. Yesterday she started wheezing. Alexis started running a fever, and Brandon’s nose began running. I had been feeling achy for several days, At three in the morning I could hear Jordan struggling to breathe on the baby monitor I keep in her room.

I had to go in and wake her up to give her a breathing treatment. Shortly after she woke up, Brandon did too. I never did get to go back to sleep. We went to the doctor’s office this morning, which I had been trying to avoid at all costs because everyone knows it is like writing an active child a personal invitation to misbehave. Thankfully they actually behaved because they were too sick to create much chaos.

The nurse swabbed the children’s noses for the flu virus, and Alexis’ test came back positive, but Jordan’s was negative. The doctor put all three kids on Tamiflu. Our insurance did not cover Brandon’s prescription (which REALLY ticked me off). We finally got home and everyone is sick and extremely cranky. At least I now know why I have been feeling so achy and tired lately. I am not able to go to the doctor’s office for myself because they do not have appointments until Monday. I' will just deal with it. Moms are made out of tough stuff.

Signing off and hoping everyone reading this is well!



P,S, When I write in Live Writer it makes the photos upload smaller, but if you click on them they open larger in a new window and you can see details.


Mandy said...

HI Heather
Sorry to hear everyone is sick I hope ya'll feel better soon!

Mandy said...

HI Heather
I'm sory to hear you all are sick. I hope everyone is feeling btter soon. Hang in there momma!

Rleen said...

Heather, so sorry to hear that everyone is sick. I'm wishing you all to get better soon. Great photo as always.

Kristina said...

Ack! Sorry to hear the whole lot of you are ill. Here's to feeling better quickly....

Elizabeth A. said...

Sorry to hear the insurance rained on your already yucky day. Rest well and take it easy.

jacqueline said...

oh Heather, dear... I pray everyone will get well very soon... try to get as much rest as possible, you need that. and don't forget to take plenty of water or fruit juice, that should help.

i hope the kids will behave really good too, now that mommy is sick. :)

Agnes said...

Oh dear!
Hope you guys get better soon.

The expression on Jordan's face IS priceless.

Amelia said...

Hi Heather! that's a bad news. Why all are getting sick now? my two kids had fever for 2days now and my mother is also sick today. the weather is not good it's been raining here for a week now.flu is striking anywhere...

hope your kiddos are doing good now.

Summer said...

Hi Heather,
That was so sad,i'm hoping that everyone will feel better as soon as possible..
I'll pray for you and your family.

Leah. said...

Oh goodness!! Look at Jordan!
I hope they are feeling better soon.
You amaze me. Sick as a dog and you still had the thought to take a photo!

Feel better soon.


What is that Tamiflu anyway? Have you had it before?

Amanda Sevall said...

Geez! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Gotta be tough to have a house full of germs and crankiness! Hugs!!

Jane said...

Hugs!!! I hope your all better soon!!!

Nnairda's said...

Hope you are feeling better. All of you sick cannot be any fun.

I was stopping by to see if you all had snow too! I'm sure you want warm balmy weather about now.

Get better soon!


Angi said...

I hope you are feeling better now. I know I spent nearly a week sick. Something's going around for sure.
Feel better soon!