Thursday, February 19, 2009

Photo of the Day Update

I have to catch up on the POTD's. I am so very far behind! The first one is of Brandon enjoying a spaghetti dinner. That kid loves spaghetti more than anyone I have ever seen. He loves eating it, almost as much as wearing it. He makes such a mess that we take his shirt off before he eats. It makes clean up that much simpler. He is still cute even when he is coated with spaghetti sauce.

The second photo is from yesterday, and was edited with a super neat Coffee Shop action that removes every color but blue from your photo. I thought it would be super cute with his car pajamas, and take away some of the brightness and clutter of all of the toys in the background. He was offering to share his sippy cup with me. He is so sweet!

Today's photo could count as a pathway photo for the photo challenge, but I have another idea in mind for that. Brandon was mad that he was behind the baby gate while I took my shower this morning so he kept throwing toys out of the gate at the bathroom. He has got a pretty good aim with those blocks! One almost ended up in the tub with me. Crazy kid!

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agnes said...

You do have the cutest kids, Heather.

I love the photos, that spaghetti photo just makes me laugh :-))

Leah. said...

Another thing Joseph and Brandon have in common... spaghetti. LOL!

DOn't you love it?

Cute photos!!!!
Watch out for flying blocks!

Rleen said...

WOW! Cute and adorable photos! I love them all!

Jill Sarginson said...

Totally awesome photos Heather! I love the spaghetti one - what a cutie patootie! Where can I find that action? That is COOL!

jacqueline said...

fun fun photos you've got there. :) especially with your spaghetti baby. lol