Tuesday, February 10, 2009

POTD 2-10-09 I hate the rain!

This photo was taken extremely early in the morning, from a moving car, in a rainstorm. The overcast sky in combination with my early morning wake up time, made me feel really tired this morning. It was psychiatrist appointment day again for Alexis. I always schedule her appointments super early because if you get there after eight o'clock, you sit there half the day.

When I woke up it was drizzling, and by the time I had to get the kids into the car, it was storming. Not good. Everyone was wet and cranky by the time we got there, and believe me when I tell you it did not get much better! So this photo reflects my mood today.

After we dropped the girls at school, Brandon and I ran errands. We got Lexie's medicine, filled the van up with gas, then went to the store to buy him MORE pajamas. He has grown out of his 4T sized pajamas. (He is not even two yet.) They are above his little ankles and it looks like he is waiting for a flood. LOL Poor tall Bubs!

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Leah. said...

Yeah, shocking.
LOVE the photo though.
Hope today is sunnier :)

Elizabeth A. said...

I have to say it, I just love the way the last POTD photo contrasts so sharply with today's. It's beautiful. Sorry about your yucky day, hopefully it will get better through this evening.

jacqueline said...

i hate it when it's raining and i have to drive or be somewhere out.. but if i'll just stay at home, rainy day is perfectly fine. :)

I hope you have a better day today. :)