Tuesday, February 3, 2009

POTD 2-2 and 2-3/Questions Session 13/Cricut Tip/New Layouts

Yes, I know that must be the longest post title ever, but I have got a lot to cover today! I missed uploading my photo of the day yesterday evening because Jordan is really sick. She could not sleep last night for all of the coughing which means I could not sleep either!


Ronnie had been begging for some good Southern fried fish for months now, and I finally gave in and fried him up some catfish. (I baked the fries... Shhhh! Do not tell him!) We eat out of kiddie plates on normal nights, unless we have company, then we use the good plates. The kids think that eating on the compartmentalized trays is so much more fun.

Here is my POTD from today. My sick baby girl who has been on breathing treatments around the clock. Please pray that this does not turn into pneumonia. Her little breathing machine mask is a dinosaur. We were overjoyed when we found out since it was a character, she would actually keep it on her face instead of wrestling with us to get it off!

Journaling Questions

Questions Session 13

For those of you that are new to my blog, I found a sheet of journaling questions online, and I have added some of my own questions. I am slowly going through them and posting them. You can write the answers and use them as ideas for scrapbook pages, or simply write them in a journal or on your blog.

Question 1: What do you think about Valentine's Day? Do you think it is overly commercial, or is it a romantic holiday you look forward to?

I think of it as a little of both. I like the little reminder to appreciate my husband and tell him that I love him, but I do that on other days too. I do find it pretty commercialized and wish that people would make more handmade things instead of spending a ton of money on something that (in my opinion) does not mean as much!

Question 2: What is a song that you absolutely love, but are embarrassed to admit that you love?

I have got a list of guilty pleasure songs a mile long, but at the top of the list is Vanilla Ice's Classic "Ice Ice Baby". Something about it takes me back to my early teens when things were much simpler, and clothes were much brighter. LOL Tie Dye anyone?

Cricut Trick

I discovered a pretty cool Cricut trick the other day while playing with my Cricut markers. I know that the original Cricut (which is the one I have) does not have a multi-cut feature like the Expression does, but I figured out how to trick the original Cricut into doing a multi-cut.

When you use the Cricut markers select the shape you want to draw with your marker in the blade housing and then press cut, to have it draw. Then you hit "Load Paper" to bring the paper back to the spot where it first began drawing. You replace the marker with the blade, and then press repeat last. The Cricut then cuts out right where you drew.

To trick your Cricut into a multi-cut, all you have to do is start with a new piece of paper/chipboard lined up in the corner of your mat. Load the paper, and select your shape, then cut. Next hit the "Load Paper" button, and it will bring your paper back to the point where it started cutting. Hit the "Repeat Last" button, and then cut. It will cut in the same exact lines as it did the last time. Voila! Multi-cut! Be careful not to press "Unload Paper" because when you reload it, it will not line up exactly with the first cut.

Layout Sharing

Last but not least I have new layouts to share! I have started working on scrapbooking my baby photos! Here are two of the layouts I have done so far.

As always you can click on the images to make them bigger and read the descriptions.

Thank you for stopping by my blog!
Sorry for the super long winded post.



agnes said...

i hope she'll get better soon! please keep us posted.

Heather, those plates ARE more more fun. I use them all the time -- they make perfect sense!

Jane said...

that crictut tip is cool...I'll have to give it a try!!! Thanks!!

Elizabeth A. said...

I'll be sending prayers and warm wishes to your family. I hope Jordan get's better soon, the poor dear she looks so sad!

Leah. said...

Oh that poor girl!!!! I hope she feels better soon! She is absolutely in my prayers!

Love the POTD! I wish I was at your place for dinner.

It's funny, we were just talking about Valentines Day at work last night. I think it's totally commercial. If Terry brought me home roses I would probably beat him with them. Such a waste. I would love a nice card and a chocolate bar!!! LOL. I think it would be really meaningful if he brought me a book he knows I'm dying to read. That's Valentine's Day to me.

Michael Jackson Thriller!
I love to do the dance too.
Yep, total dork!