Saturday, February 21, 2009

POTD 2-21-09 Luck of the Irish

Some people have all of the luck! You know the type of person I mean. Money just falls in their lap, and things fall into place for them without much fuss. My husband is one of those people. He has had things given to him  all of his life. From his family, to people he remotely knows at work. Two years ago someone even gave him a truck. Now, it’s happened again.

This morning we went to pick up a 1995 Chevy truck that the same person gave him. That is TWO different trucks from the same person. I asked Ronnie why the guy gave him the first truck. I mean, this is not even a person that he is close friends with, just an acquaintance. He said that it was because the guy knew he was fascinated with cars, and would take care of them.

We ended up giving the first truck to another friend after keeping it for a year. When Brandon was born, it was just too much to keep moving three vehicles around in the driveway. Now, a few years later, I still have my awesome minivan (that I am NEVER selling), and he has a 2008 Dodge Truck. This morning we added a Chevy Silverado to our collection.

He is outside, happy as a clam, scrubbing it down, and playing with it. It is an automatic, which means I can drive it. Technically I could drive the big standard truck he has in an emergency, but I hate driving standards. I already borrowed the new (to us) truck to run to the library today. It drives really well. Jordan has named it Parry (pronounced Pah-Rhee) Alexander. She names every vehicle. The big white truck is named Truckie. LOL

Here is my POTD. Introducing Parry!


The funny thing is that this truck fits Ronnie’s personality perfectly. He is a redneck, and this Chevrolet is a redneck truck. I was singing his favorite song to him out in the yard while he was cleaning it, and he had to laugh. He is such a country boy.

On another note, you have probably noticed a bunch of changes around my blog lately! I discovered that my laptop that I have had about a year is compatible with Windows Live Writer, which means I can write entire blog posts the way I want to. In any font, with tons of photos, and videos, and lots of fun stuff. This is my current favorite font, but please by all means tell me if you find it too hard to read, and I will find another one.

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!




agnes said...

Well Parry Alexander looks great. LOL I love that Parry has a last name and I also love the name "Truckie".

The font is fine by the way, it looks great.

Elizabeth A. said...

No sign of your new font, maybe it only "holds" is the reader has the font loaded? Or maybed it's just me and my old PC, no matter, I'm glad you've found new enjoyment in your laptop. :D

Leah. said...

Hello Parry!
You name your cars?

Wish I could type my blog posts somewhere and then post. Blogger is a pain sometimes!

How are you feeling?

Amanda Sevall said...

I can't see it either! Must be my ancient, three year old laptop :) What a great story - love the names :)

jacqueline said...

well, I name most of my things too. my car is named Cindy. my husband named his Kyle. :) my laptop i call Poqui (which you might have already read about in my blog), my laptop bag Brownke, and one of my shoulder bags Bronzy. lol

no signs of new font here either... i do get some pop up messages though everytime i load your page, haven't really read what it says.. i'll go figure out later. :)

nice truck by the way! :) must be fun driving it. :)