Wednesday, February 4, 2009

POTD 2-4-08 Da Plane Da Plane!

Today has been tiring, exhausting, and draining. I brought Jordan to the doctor this morning at eight o'clock. I love getting early appointments because it allows me to get in and out quickly. In this case, I was extra grateful because it meant we could get medicine into Jordan that much quicker. The doctor said that she has a bad upper respiratory infection that is aggravating her bronco-pulmonary dysplasia. BPD basically means that because she was on a ventilator as a preemie, she has got tons of scarring on her lungs. Whenever she gets the slightest bit sick she coughs like she has the croup. It is a rough, barking sound that makes my chest hurt when I hear it.

She prescribed steroids, antibiotics, breathing treatments, and Mucinex over the counter. Jordan has been insanely cranky all day. She refuses to take a nap because the breathing treatments make her so hyper, but she is SO tired. She is also really upset that she will not be able to go back to school until Monday. She misses her little friends.

Brandon provided the photo of the day today. I was passing the gate to take a picture of the pile of medicine we brought home for Jordan, and he yelled "Ma!", and held his plane up. It was too cute, so I could not pass it up. I hope you are not sick of seeing him yet.

I need to get back to Jordan so this is just a flying post! Be back soon.



Agnes said...

Great shot!

I sure hope Jordan gets better soon. That little girl a survivor!

Jane said...

Sick of seeing Brando? never!!! love the photo!! and sure hope Jordon is better quickly!!

Elizabeth A. said...

Good thing you had the early appointment, I like those myself as well.

That plane is way cool. Jessica loves going to the train store, but lucky for me she doesn't need me to bring the store home with us!

"Give it time" said the Grand Duke, one of these days she'll having me buying up the pink row.

jacqueline said...

i don't think i'll ever get tired of seeing Brandon, or Jordan for that matter... :) makes me miss my nephews and my baby niece all the more... :(