Friday, February 6, 2009

POTD 2-6-09 You've Come A Long Way Baby

Here is today's POTD. I am very proud to say that this is straight out of the camera, with no editing done. What you can not tell in this photo, is that she is sitting next to the window in my bedroom, on my husband's nightstand so I could get the "perfect" light. She was a more than willing subject now that she is feeling one hundred percent better.


When I loaded this photo off of my memory card, I was struck by the grown up look she has to her now. I remember my chubby baby faced girl, and let me tell you, she is growing up entirely too fast. I am not going to post questions today. Instead I am posting a look back at how far Jordan has come.

Here is Little Miss Jordan with her apnea monitor and oxygen on. She looked like a little monkey clinging on Ronnie. She's about 3 months old here. Right around the time we brought her home from the hospital.


Here she is tucked into her fish swing... She loved that thing! The wires for her apnea monitor and oxygen would slap back and forth. She slept through it all.


As Jordan got older she liked her apnea monitor less and less, and used to try to get it off. She is about 6 months old in this picture.


For Christmas 2004, Alexis got a plastic shopping basket. Jordan was 7 months old and so tiny that she fit right into it. She kept giggling because she thought it was so much fun.


Here she is at around 9 months old. She still had her oxygen, and her trusty Elmo. On this day we had been working on tummy time, and she passed out in the middle of it.


Here Jordan is at 1 year old. This is the first walker she had, a Kaye walker. She graduated to a bigger walker after this one before learning to walk on her own at 2 years old.


This is Jordan practicing standing unsupported. One of the first times she was successful. We were ecstatic. She was about 18 months old here.


Yes, I know I am a sentimental Momma. Thank you if you made it this far down and survived all of my bragging on my beautiful baby girl. I can not believe she will turn five in April. Where has all of the time gone?



agnes said...

Oh Heather, I loved this post. She's come a long way indeed. She's gorgeous and yes the lighting by your bedroom window is perfect! I love every single photo you posted and I just loved the whole post.

Have an awesome weekend, Heather :-)

agnes said...

I think I commented on this one already but sometimes the comment "disappears" when I post it.
Hopefully I am not saying the same thing twice but this is one of my favorite posts. I love everything about this post, the pictures, the story, everything.

jacqueline said...

i believe that all loving and caring moms are sentimental when it comes to their babies. and i would say that with everything you and Jordan has gone through since she was born, you have all the right in the world to be sentimental about her. I pray that all of you will be in perfect shape all the time. :) *hugs*

Leah. said...

You should be proud! She is a strong beautiful girl!!!!

Elizabeth A. said...

Oh my! She is so beautiful! This post was a wonderful tribute to your daughter and yourself, there is no shame in being proud of her.

Jen said...

It has been nothing but joy watching her grow from such a tiny, helpless baby to the strong, adorable little lady she is becoming. Thank you for sharing her with us all this time. I'm a proud "Cyber Aunt" lol.