Monday, February 9, 2009

POTD 2-9-09/Contest Entry/Questions Session 14

This morning Jordan had therapy at our area hospital. I took a photo while we were outside waiting for her. To make it a bit more interesting I edited it using Coffee Shop's Urban Vivid Action... her actions are amazing! This is the end product after all of the editing!

I also got a few minutes to make a layout for the awesome Story Matters blog! I loved their topic this time around, to scrap what you struggle with. Here is the layout that I came up with. I am loving Scenic Route papers lately! As always you can click on the image to make it bigger, and read the journaling and a more personalized description!

Questions Session 14

Question 1: How did you feel about school growing up?

I actually enjoyed school for the most part. I developed a hatred for math at an early age though. LOL I never had a hard time learning, and I made good grades easily as long as it was not Math! I think my problems started in fifth grade when I was struggling to pick up multiplication, and the teacher pointed out that it was taking me too long, in front of everyone. I just shut down. I am a perfectionist, and when I know I am not going to be good at something, I tend to avoid it. My favorite part of school was choir. I took choir for three years, and it was my favorite class. French class was a close second though. I wish I could remember more of it than I do now.

Question 2: Did you belong to Boy/Girl scouts, Camp Fire Girls or 4-H?

I belonged to 4-H for a short while in High school. When it started interfering with choir rehearsals I had to drop out of it. Now when I want to play with goats, or chickens, I just visit my grandparents house. They have a mini-menagerie which I believe is why the children love visiting them so much. It is almost like going to a petting zoo! LOL

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Agnes said...

Great picture again :-)))

I followed the link and LOVED all the work you've posted there and the stories behind them :-)))

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE that layout! Great design and journaling.

I love the question/answers you're doing.

TheresaK said... got the layout done!! Great!!

sarah said...

i'm totally loving that layout. beautiful photo as well.


Anonymous said...

Love your work,]. I went to scrap book store where you where teaching this weekend and every one was talking about how much they loved your classes. I wll have to take one some time.

Leah. said...

I picked up some of those actions just haven't used them yet. I love how the photo looks!!!!

I pretty much liked school. I loved school supplies and the orderliness of it all. Book reports and essays were fun for me because I got to be all OCD about them. LOVED English always!!!

I think I was in Girl Scouts for one year. Bleck. I hated all that togetherness and belonging and Cumbaya crap. LOL!!!

Elizabeth A. said...

Shessh, we have more in common than I thought. 4-H yep when I was in late Elem, Girl Scouts early elem, Choir in HS... Now there is no way you... haha!

Sophia said...

Hi Heather!

I love your take on your layout for The Story Matters! Thanks for sharing your struggles with us!

Awesome layout and I love your photos!

meganklauerphotography said...

Fantastic layout! Awesome design!

Michelle said...

I had to go back and read this.. one of the posts they show at the bottom.

I liked school. I did pretty well. LOVED and was good at all of my English classes. Sucked at math. I took advanced English and extra science my Sr. year of HS. I also took 2.5 years of German and did very well. As for Girl Scouts/4-H...I wanted to be in Camp Fire. It was a co-ed thing and cheaper than Girl Scouts, but my parents would not allow me.