Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fun Photo Shoot

I was playing with my camera settings today in my house. DH came inside to see sheets hanging from the walls and lying on the floor. (I do not have professional photographer drapes but gosh would I love them!) I got my tripod and changed my ISO to 400 because I wanted a gritty look to the photos. I love what I got! Alexis was a very willing model. =0)

Last but not least here is the one I chose to use as photo of the day...

I also have my POTD for Friday to share. My in-laws came over and picked up all three kids for a sleep over. Ronnie and I decided to go out to dinner. I did not remember until late that evening to get the photo so I took a picture of the super cool neon sign outside the restaurant. The food there was delicious, but it was too loud! We ate in the bar because it was overly crowded due to Copeland's being a seafood restaurant on a Friday during lent! The music was so loud, and there were lots of teenagers there (not in the bar) dressed up for prom. Honestly it made me feel old, and I missed my kids! LOL

Saturday afternoon I had to go to work before the kids came home. I had been missing them terribly. Even though they are loud and obnoxious at times. They are awesome kids, and I missed getting my snuggles. When I got home from work they were all sitting in the back of Ronnie's truck waiting for me to pull up. I love this photo just because it shows how country we can be at times. Do not ask me what Ronnie had them dressed in. I had to laugh. Here is Saturday's photo of the day...

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Nichole said...

so glad you had fun playing with your camera! just the thought of changing the 'something' on my camera to '400' makes my head hurt! hahahaha.
and your kids in the truck!! soo funny. they looked great, but I know what you mean about the husband dressing the kids! I have to cringe when I come home from somewhere and he has made them put on clothes!!! although their first choice is always nudity, so.......
teenagers! sigh..... need I say more?

Elizabeth said...

Aww gee, I'm sorry your "nite out" wasn't better. But those photos oh I'm telling you hun, those are awesome!

The days I can get my hands on my daughter before she has had an inspired "creation" are very few and far between, at least the outfits she's putting together are becoming more cohesive!

Soak up the sunggles and send them back to school. After having spent nearly every waking and to many non-waking zombie moments with dd I don't know what I'll do with myself when she's at school?!? lol

jacqueline said...

Alexis seems to love the camera, and the camera loves her! :) she's lovely!

good thing that you and Ronnie had a dinner by yourselves.... you need that once in a while...

the kids look funny in that picture!:)

Summer said...

Wow! Such a nice pictures..;D
I love the second picture,she's so pretty on that shot.=)
But i really love the pic when our kids are on the truck,that was a cool shot.=)
Love it friend.Hope to see more from you and specially lots of pictures..;D

Agnes said...

I absolutely love the photos you took of Alexis -- all of them. You're a pro and so is she!!

I love the pic of the three of them. Awesome kids!!!

Leah. said...

Oh the photos are so good!!! So did you just use a sheet then?

My fave is the second and the fourth! Such fun.

Isn't it weird? We are dying to get away and have a break and then we end up missing the kids anyway.

I love the back of the truck photo!
If that's country, then count me in!

Michelle said...

Oh Heather, those pictures are amazing!! I am so glad you had a great time playing with your camera. I love your POTD. They are all so fun!! I am glad you got a night out, but sorry you missed your munchkins so much!!

MaRLeNeF said...

Love the b&w pictures you took, you're a great photographer! The pic of all three kiddos is adorable. I always miss my boys when they're not with me :)

Rleen said...

WOW! Heather, you've been a great photographer and your DD is a great model too. She's so lovely and so sweet I love all her photos. Wonderful photos, you did a fabulous job!
Have a great day!