Sunday, March 22, 2009

I promise!

I promise that this is my last post today! Seriously, life has gotten away from me again, and I have to catch up on POTD pictures. I have been doing a lot of work for my classes, and have not had much time to catch up elsewhere. If I owe you an email, do not worry, it is coming! Hopefully today. LOL

My POTD for the 19th is of the Causeway bridge shrouded in a soupy fog so thick that I could barely see a quarter of a mile ahead. This photo was taken at almost ten o' clock, so that tells you how bad it was! (Do not worry, I was careful. We were only going about 25 miles an hour.)

For the 20th I just had to take a photo of Jordan drinking "coffee". She has been fascinated with watching me make coffee lately, and I remembered when I was a little girl, my grandparents would let me drink coffee with them. They did this by putting a teaspoon or so of coffee in my milk. It made me feel so grown up because I was drinking coffee just like them. With this memory in my mind, when Jordan started showing so much interest, I thought it would be neat to pass the tradition along. We made the coffee together, then I mixed mine up and poured her a cup of milk. We sat at the table, and I put a spoon of coffee in her milk. She was so proud. It was a moment I could not pass up photographing, and I totally intend to scrapbook it!

Yesterday at the crack of dawn my lovely husband left the house and told me he was going to pick up breakfast. He came back with breakfast and the Twilight DVD that was just released that day. He knew I wanted to buy it, and I have been waiting until it came out on TV to see it. (Yes, I am one of those Twilight fans! LOL) I was just so surprised and touched that he went out of his way to get it for me. He even had a conversation with the check out lady about it. LOL

Today's photo is just a small glimpse at the chaos of my life. Brandon and Jordan are really good at deconstructing clean rooms. In this photo they have pulled the covers off of the bed, and emptied an entire toy box onto the floor. Jordan is sitting near the TV after refusing to wear her glasses so she could see. As you can tell she is completely comfortable in the midst of the chaos. Brandon decided the room was too messy to play in anymore and was on his way to me, to get me to pick him up over the gate so he could mess up a different room while I cleaned that one.

In related news, we finally had to put our five year old vacuum out of it's misery. Yesterday it made a horrible noise as it died. It has been a good vacuum. May it rest in peace! Want to know another reason why Ronnie is a good husband? He went and bought a replacement one with a HEPA filter (A must have in my home of allergic people.), and he picked out the one with pink attachments because he thought I would like it. A bonus is it is specifically made to pick up pet hair. I swear if I ever find the person who posted on their website that pugs do not shed... I will probably do something mean! Our dog sheds more than seems possible!!!

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Rleen said...

Heather, I love all your fantastic POTD!

Elizabeth said...

Great photos! Now if only you could tranpose a clean room on top and have it stay that way without the work!

Amelia said...

i love the coffee experience...mother and daughter bonding! really kids want to be a grown up ;)

Mandy said...

Love seeing all your POTD it's so cool seeing them!

jacqueline said...

as laways, the kids are soooo cute! :)

you are blessed to have a thoughtful Ronnie. :)

Michelle said...

All of your photos are wonderful!! Congrats on being a featured artist for Graphic 45! Those are beautiful LO's!! Jordan's pictures are beautiful. She did a wonderful job!! (just catching up on your blog)

Agnes said...

A great post, Heather, pictures, stories, everything.

I've never seen an episode of Twilight but wherever I went this weekend, I saw a gigantic version of that poster on the wall!

MaRLeNeF said...

Hi Heather, love your pictures! I've been falling behind last week with mine! Love that pic of the bridge and fog. Have a great day! xxx Marlene

MindyRadio said...

My hubby didn't go out and buy me Twilight (I had pre-ordered it) but he did sit with me and watch the whole thing. Special features and all. Gotta love him for that. :)

Leah. said...

I love the photo of you driving!
and the mess the kids made. Makes me feel a little more normal! LOL
Sorry I'm so behind on your blog. I am literally dying I think! LOL