Monday, March 16, 2009

Littlest Hero’s Project

I discovered the Littlest Hero’s Project when someone posted on my Flickr  asking me to post a photo of Jordan on their photo stream. I went to their website, and I immediately signed Miss Jordan up for her photo shoot. She was approved, and I got to correspond with Heather Munsterman of Once Upon a Time Photography in Loranger, La. to set up her appointment. 

Jordan and I both looked forward to the appointment. I was so thrilled with the prospect of someone who knew about special needs working with Jordan. One of the issues we have when taking Jordan into professional photographers is that they do not understand her sensory issues and insist that she wear scratchy things. Then she begins crying, and we do not get our picture. Another issue is the posing. She is not capable of holding poses long, and can not do some poses at all!

Heather was SO considerate, and when Jordan balked at wearing a costume, she went out of her way to find a slip so that the itchy costume would not touch her skin. She made everything fun, and played games with Jordan to get her to cooperate. At once point “Hannah Montana” even got into the deal by calling to ask Jordan if she would sit still for one more photo!

We had a wonderful time! Jordan is convinced that Miss Heather is her new best friend, and I am pretty convinced as well. I can not say enough good things about her. She was amazingly patient, and funny. Just an all around wonderful person. When Jordan would get impatient, she would just let her go play for a while, there was no pressure! Here is Miss Jordan taking a break and riding a toy car in her Punk Princess costume.

AND her photography is STUNNING! She sent me a preview photo last night before editing all of the others. (Which I will get in a week, and am sooo excited!) I just have to share the preview photo she sent. It is breathtaking, and it made me tear up. She truly has an amazing talent.

Do you see what I mean? Is she not fabulous!? The fairy costume was beautiful, and before we started shooting Jordan refused to wear the wings. Heather took it all in stride and this amazing photo is the result! Heather, if you are reading this… like I said before a million thanks to you! We had the most wonderful time, and you are an amazing person AND photographer. You can check out her other amazing work at

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Leah. said...

Yeah!!! I'm going to take a peek at her work now!

Awesome photos Heather!

Elizabeth said...

That's awesome, even better with the story behind the photo. She's beautiful, I'm glad you had the oppertunity to meet another Heather as great as youself.

Heather Munsterman said...

OH WOW! Thank you sooo much! As I said before..It was truly a blessing working with Jordan yesterday... She is my new best friend too! She was a blast to work with... sooo funny and full of life! She is a beautiful little girl... I am speechless now after reading your blog.. teary eyed and sooo happy! I loved having Jordan yesterday... As tiny as she is, she blessed my life enormously! Thank you for sharing her with me, if only for the day :)
Heather Munsterman

jacqueline said...

WOW! Jordan is a lovely little fairy princess in that picture, Heather. SHE LOOKS LOVELY!

that picture is a real treasure. :)

Amelia said...

the photo shot was brilliant...Jordan look stunning and pretty on the fairy outfit ;)

Kami said...

* gasp * OMG!! How incredibly gorgeous is that little angel you have!!!!! Heather really did an awesome job!!!!! WOW!!!

Ashleigh-Faye said...

Hello Heather.

I am a photographer in Tampa fl, and have known "Miss Heather" on the internet for now over 2 years. Isn't she an amazing person? I love the work she did for you. I have seen only one image, and can't wait o check back here and see the rest :)

I believe in Fate, and i believe fate brought the 3 of you together!!! Have a great week. Ashleigh-faye

Agnes said...

Oh my, she does look stunning, Heather. Beautiful beyond words.

Dawn said...

Heather, those photos are truly amazing! I sooooo love how Miss Heather worked with her! I can't wait to see more, they are just stunning! Amazing post! =0)

AMcDow said...

I am so excited for you all! Jordan looks wonderful and I am so glad that you found a photographer that can capture her beautiful personality without making either of you feel uncomfortable or frustrated. This is such a wonderful organization and I am very grateful that you shared your experience. Thank you.