Sunday, March 8, 2009

POTD Catch Up/B’s Birthday/Questions Session 16

You will all have to bear with me a bit today because I am three days behind on photo of the day pictures again, and I want to post about Brandon’s birthday party this Saturday too!

On Friday, all three kids were out of school for a teacher development day. For me, that meant a hectic day of trying to get ready for Brandon’s birthday party on Saturday. Usually, when they are all home, no one ends up taking a nap. For some reason both Brandon and Jordan crashed out on the floor right next to each other. It was too cute to pass up, so it became Friday’s photo of the day.


On Friday night after everyone went to sleep I made Brandon’s birthday cake, which was an adventure in itself. I made fondant icing for the first time, and was pretty thrilled with the way it all came together. If I had it to do over again, I would have rolled the dots just a bit thinner before applying them to the cake.


Of course his birthday was train themed. He is obsessed with trains. He even steals my die-cut trains off of my scrapbook table to play with. When he woke up on Saturday, I had the dining room decorated with the Thomas banner and tablecloth. He jumped up and down and hollered “It’s a Choo Choo!” It totally made all of the trouble worth while.

We rented a bouncer for everyone to play in, and at first he was scared. Eventually he started smiling and playing. All of our guests totally loved it, and Mommy and Daddy even ended up in it from time to time. After all, we are the biggest kids!


The photo of the day from Saturday is of Ronnie kissing Brandon on his head while taking a break from bouncing in the bouncer. I just see so much love in this photo.


He was not very interested in blowing the candle out on his cake. Instead he hollered “Mine!” until I pulled the train off of it, and handed it to him. Instead of cake he had birthday cookies. (He is the only child I have ever known that does not eat cake or ice cream!)


Opening his presents was a lot of fun, for Alexis and Jordan that is. Their version of helping included opening everything for him and handing him the toys while he yelled “Mine!”. I think the terrible twos are starting!


At the end of the party, he slept so hard that he was sleeping with his eyes open. (Which always freaks me out! LOL) I took this photo while he slept. Note the dirty face, and the super cute T-Rex shirt.


Today’s photo of the day is Brandon being silly. He was smushed between his bed and Jordan’s, and when I teased him and told him to move, he stuck his tongue out at me. Silly little bugger.

Yes, I know it is the Brandon show in this post, but it WAS his birthday! LOL

Questions Session 16

Question One: Do you feel like chivalry is dead? Why or why not?

This is a hot point topic for me. It makes me so frustrated when I see people not being polite. In my opinion chivalry is not just for men! I was taught to be polite from a very young age. Even now at twenty-eight years old I still say “Yes Ma’am, and Sir” to anyone older than I am. I hold doors for people who are struggling, and give up my chair whenever someone needs it more than I do.

I do not feel like chivalry is dead, but maybe it is in hibernation? I am teaching my children to be polite as possible. I expect them to be respectful, and be little ladies. I expect Brandon to be a gentleman. It is a lost art. I wish more people would teach their children these important values as well. As time passes, I have noticed less and less people in the general population taking time to be kind to one another.

Question Two: Along the same line, describe something chivalrous that someone has done for you.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind is when people hold the door at the doctor’s office open for me. I am always struggling with a stroller, and trying to hold Jordan’s hand at the same time to keep her from falling or God forbid, running off into traffic. When people notice, and hold the door it just brightens my whole day. The little things count!

Thank you for stopping by for this super long winded post!




Nichole said...

ok, where to start. first... awesome cake!!! I love the polka dots!!! literally loved that cake!!!
and second, his party ooked so fun. he is adorable! and of course everything should revolve around him!!!!! heehee
now to chivalry!! I SO agree. People are always commenting on how VERY polite my kids are. so much so that one day Justin asked me why everyone is so impressed with them just cause they say please and thank you! everyone should he says! and he's right!!!! so I broke the news to him that it just isn't so! and it has always bugged me.
and my kids don't like cake or icing either. although, they do like ice cream.

long winded ones are the best!!!
glad you had a good weekend!

agnes said...

I loved this post Heather. Lovely pictures and that cake -- oh my!

I agree with you on the politeness. Although when a 28-year old calls me ma'm I feel really old LOL (I'm in my 30s) -- just kidding. I use "sir" and "ma'm" too.

Glad you had a great weekend. Have an awesome week Heather.


Elizabeth said...

Oh now you know two kids that wont eat cake. Jessica wont eat it either. Once I made Yellow Butter Cream Cake with Rocky Road Chocolate Frosting. She would ask for cake and then only eat the frosting off. It was so bad for her 3rd birthday I made "dirt" complete with pudding and worms. Now, that she still talks about. :D Ice cream now that is another story. Glad B enjoyed his birthday!

As for the questions, check my blog later!

Amelia said...

wow!! love the cake and the idea of's all fun for the kids :)

same with me I still use ma'am and sir in most of my communication. last Thursday my son and I went to my husband's office and I don't want to ride taxi so we use bus and train and here most of the people have value for people who need a seat especially pregnant, oldies and those with kids. I also most of the time give my seat to those people who needs it more than I. I would also want my kids to instill respect and politeness :)

jacqueline said...

lovely pictures! :) i'm sure everyone had a great time at Brandon's party. :) the made that cake?! that was really great. very nice-looking cake, and i'm sure it tasted very good too! :)

on politeness, well, i agree that parents should really exert an effort to teach their kids to be polite and respectful of others. one's politeness and simple acts of kindness can brighten up another person's day. :)

Jane said...

I love these shots of Brandon!!!! You are really getting great at photos my friend!! I'm glad everyone is better and Brandon enjoyed his birthday!!! by the way...that cake is AMAZING!!!!

Dawn said...

I am so bad at actually reading blogs AND posting a comment!! But today I just had to say how great of a job you did with the cake! And your pictures are precious! I loved the one with them conked out on the floor! =0)

I totally agree with you on the chivalry thing is SO in hibernation! lol But I am surprised from time to time. Like when I was at the library the other day and I was heading out the door. WEll there was a guy that looked like he was going to come in the left side so I started to open the right side door and he grabbed it for me. I was shocked because it was a young guy probably early twenties and he did NOT look like the type that would open the door for a least not one that looks like me! lol So I was really surprised but it was nice to know not all young guys are jerks. lol Usually I will go to open the door for myself and they think I'm opening it for THEM and they will squeeze through, makes me SO mad. What am I? Their boyfriend?

Cheryl Wray said...

I just love all of those pictures, and the birthday party looks AWESOME!!I love to make cakes, but haven't tried fondant icing yet. I think I may have to soon. Your cake turned out GREAT!!!

Have a super week!

Kami said...

OMG that cake is super cute, way to go, Heather!!! And happy bday to Brandon!! Looks like everyone had a fun day!!!