Thursday, March 26, 2009

POTD Update Again

This first photo is the reason why I scrapbook. The other day my husband asked me to dig out some old photos of his cars. When I was pulling them out, I had to set some of my completed scrapbooks to the side. Jordan and Alexis poured over them and kept saying "remember when we did this..." and they were all smiles and were so excited. That my dear friends, is why I scrapbook. Our lives are recorded, and every little moment is important.

Yesterday Ronnie took the day off so he could stay home and watch Brandon. I got to go with Jordan on her field trip to Little Chef Academy where they baked lemonade cookies, and mini pizzas with almost no adult interference. It was loud, it was fun, and a bit overwhelming to be around forty preschool children. They had a blast. In the photo below Jordan was showing me her flour covered hands. The owner of the academy kept telling them to wipe their hands on their aprons, but she knew "She's not supposed to wipe her hands on her clothes." I had to go get her a napkin. LOL The look on her face cracks me up!

Today was a dark and dreary day. It has rained all day long. Last night the thunderstorms were so bad that they woke up both little ones. Jordan ended up sleeping in our bed, and I got up to rock Brandon in the recliner. The poor dears are terrified of loud noises, and to tell the truth I do not like them much myself! No one got much sleep. Here is a photo of the little flower bed in my front yard surrounded by mud puddles. It seemed to fit the day. I was lucky enough not to have any errands to run today, and so I stayed home and scrapbooked instead. It was lovely. I do not get days like that often!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will try to post another questions session soon, but the kiddos have just gotten off of the bus, and I have to go wrangle heathens!



Nnairda's said...

Those pics are too sweet! I know what you mean about why you scrapbook. William loves to get out his baby book and pour over it.

We had rain all day yesterday too! It's not so bad today but at least it's not cold.

Stay dry!


Agnes said...

I just love her face in that pic!

It's been dark and rainy here in Atlanta too. Nice in a way, really.

(I said "y'all" twice today :-))))

Leah. said...

*sigh* the photo of them poring over the scrapbooks is amazing! I have to start printing mine out so they can have their own memories.

Thanks for the reminder. It rained here for the last two days. Yuck!

Summer said...

Oh,she is sooo cute on that photo.;D
Now i know why you scrapbook..;D
I love your post,very interesting..
Have a great day.=)

Solo said...

Love this cute photos..;D

jacqueline said...

it's summer here yet it rained so hard the other night, which was good because i had a good night sleep.

it's always nice to look at pictures. I have kept some in my phone that i never fail to look at at least every other day... it's fun remembering the happy moments. :)

jordan is so cute as always. :)

Amelia said...

it;s so nice to account for all the wonderful things/moments in our life ;) those looks telle much that yu need to wipe her hands...cute lil' jordan :)

I also hate thunderstorms :(

Elizabeth said...

Anyone who doesn't want their rain I want it. Pour it right on top of the forest fire down the street. Yep that would be great. No lighting though... To dangerous for our extreme fire hazard levels... Now that would be cool, have you ever seen heat lighting? The kind when there is nothing but flashes of light and no sound and no rain? Beautiful stuff... Here we can watch it out over the water, nice.

Scrap HaPpY! :D

Mandy said...

Great pictures! I scrapbook for the same reason you do.It's been nice here this week thank goodness. THey say it might snow again I hope it doesn't. Have a great weekend!

Rleen said...

Heather, those photos are lovely. TFS!