Monday, March 16, 2009

POTD Update

Last Thursday when we were heading home from Jordan’s Hippotherapy appointment, I stopped at a red light and looked back at Alexis. I hurried to grab my camera and snap this. She is so rarely still! I have been asked why there are not more photos of her in my POTD series. She never sits still long enough for me to take them! I am planning to bribe her into doing a photo shoot for me soon. I have to find the perfect bribe first!


Friday was the only day I got to stay at home last week. Some weeks are spent running errands, and making appointments non-stop. I cleaned up the house, and settled down to scrapbook. I heard loud crashes in the living room, and went in there to find this. Brandon was creating chaos as usual. I like to think that it reflects well on me as a Mom that instead of yelling… I got out my camera. LOL

On Saturday I had a class, and when I got home Ronnie had given the kids a snack. Brandon asked for “cackers”, and Jordan for “loop loops”, so they ended up with a little of both. The girls were being loud and Brandon had enough. I turned to see him plugging his ears with his fingers and grinning. He knew he was being silly.

Yesterday, Jordan and I had the privilege of having her photographs taken by a wonderful photographer named Heather Munsterman. At the end of the photo shoot Jordan had decided that “Miss Heather” was her new best friend. This was especially touching because she is usually very wary with new people. (I will be blogging more about this in a later post all by itself, but here is the POTD for Sunday.) Jordan and “Miss Heather” posing together on the chaise lounge. While it is not the best photo ever, it truly shows how much fun they were having!


Today’s photo is of the duck weather we have been having. Duck weather is when it is grey and drizzling. You always see ducks out playing in the puddles. Today was no exception. At Jordan’s therapy place they have lakes, fountains, and ducks. Here is a picture of one of the pretty fountains. The funny thing is that all of the ducks were playing in the ditches instead of the big lakes.


That is all for this post, but we have had lots of exciting times, and good news that will be posted in a bit!

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Heather Munsterman said...

awww... you have to send me that picture of Jordan and I... I would love to hang it in my studio!! I miss her already!

Elizabeth said...

Here when we have duck weather we make up silly puns, like "bird weather" and we quack at each other. Yes I know we're crazy, at least it's crazy happy.

Amelia said...

cute little Jordan! she sure is tired for the days activity :))

jacqueline said...

whenever i read your posts, i would imagine being actually there in your home, and i think i would join the kids making your place chaotic, in a happy manner that is. :)

a lively home you have! :)

Agnes said...

Oh isn't she just adorable in that picture?

LOL on getting out your camera instead of yelling :-D